Top used mobile apps for android and iOS in 2021

Top used mobile apps in india

 Top used mobile apps for android and iOS in 2021

Mobile apps have raised the usage of smartphones in the market. These advanced mobile apps are the reason for the smartness of the new phones, tablets in regards to features and functionality. There is an inspiring transformation in the app market as many industries are getting involved in the process. There is a mass realization among the industries that app development will not only yield them profits but also help in expanding their brands like never before. Mobile apps have reached a significant portion of users across the globe and made mobile app development a beneficial way to reach those users. If you are looking to develop any kind of mobile apps, then you need to check out the most used apps in the world to know what is running in the market and associate with the best mobile app development companies in Bangalore.


WhatsApp is one of the most wanted apps for android phones. It can be termed as one of the most used apps in India as you can see it on all smartphones today. WhatsApp is a highly used messaging application that aids communication between international phone networks. The user-friendly features and functionalities are the major reason for the success of the app in a country with a huge population like India and also across the globe. This app was in news recently due to their new updates in the privacy policy. Users were asked to accept the new updates that were about sharing the user data with the parent company Facebook. This led to a backlash among users and started using other alternative apps like Signal and Telegram.


Instagram has been gradually developing as one of the popular apps and constantly aiding its users with advanced features like stories, highlights, Reels, etc. Instagram Hashtags have been a popular aspect among all kinds of users and have been transformed to be more widespread than Twitter and Facebook. Instagram has a wide range of images and videos related to diverse topics like entertainment, beauty, health, etc. Business owners across a wide range of industries have been utilizing the platform to get maximum ROI for their brands.


TikTok is a popular app developed by Chinese company Byte Dance for creating and sharing short videos after setting it to desired music. Users are highly addicted to lip syncing to their favourite songs and dancing to the tunes. The app also includes many challenges that have gone viral and also responsible for the popularity of many movie monologues by making use of smart editing techniques given in the app. This Chinese app was also one of the most used apps in India until it faced a ban from the Central government amidst concerns of security threats and cross-border tensions. Business owners in India leveraged this opportunity and developed similar apps to earn profits.


Netflix is subscription reliant video-on-demand app with popular content across the globe. It is considered one of the most popular OTT (Over the Top) media services for users to watch their favourite Tv shows, movies, and popular documentaries on various platforms and devices. A major reason for its popularity is the constant updating of content with its wide range of content stocks across multiple genres. This option of variety in contents and the new addition of phone subscriptions have made Netflix one of the most popular apps in the USA and also across the globe.



Amazon is a huge multinational tech giant that provides eCommerce, digital streaming, cloud computing, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) services. They have created many innovative processes like their eCommerce app that has developed an unparalleled value for the customers. It is a user-friendly app that is very quick that lets you search and filter a wide range of products on various parameters with just minimal navigations.


YouTube is a highly used video platform for a significant portion of users across the globe. It has content related to almost all the segments in the market. Many people are earning a substantial amount of money through monetization of videos ranging from news, fashion, entertainment, news, automobile, mechanical, movies, and whatnot. It lets the content creators earn subscribers by offering different kinds of videos to keep them interested for longer with constant notifications.


Dropbox is a trusted and well-crafted cloud storage app that works well on different types of devices. Users can share the files within their group or team and can update them without any hassles. They can comment on the documents online by browsing through all the files. This app is popular due to its ability to integrate with various other apps without any hassles. It will not differentiate the uploading limit via mobile phones or desktops.


Snapchat is a social networking and messaging app that can only be employed via a mobile app as it will not work on regular web services. This app lets the users chat with other Snapchat users and send photos, messages, small videos, etc.


Uber can be termed as one of the must-have Android apps as it is amongst the leading on-demand cab service app for riders. This app has been used across the globe in major cities and smoothly connects drivers and riders. This app lets the users access a ride without any more waiting time with its huge network and smart technology. This app has incorporated google apps into their app which helps the users to show the accurate route to the users and drivers when they get a booking. It will also help in knowing the exact time to reach a location.


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