Noon Academy: social e-learning platform features and details

Noon Academy- social e-learning platform features and details

Noon Academy: social e-learning platform features and details

With the advent of smartphones and related apps, education is not confined to a normal classroom environment. Students are getting the advantage of studying from the place and time of their choice. The benefits of the e-learning platform were more visible during the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic where the tutors and students had no other options. Further, this has also created more opportunities for businesses to innovate in the segment. Advanced eLearning apps have been a bonus to the involved people in the industry for several years. With an exclusive combination of engaging online lessons, features, and teachers, apps like Noon Academy have been a revelation in the eLearning segment. Looking for educational app development like noon academy social e-learning platform and wanting to know the cost of making an educational app in India? Keep reading below to know more.


About Noon academy:

  • With the emergence of several eLearning platforms, a major hiccup encountered was the engagement of students in these live classes. This problem was highly solved by Noon Academy which offered the opportunity of free downloads and attending the classes without enhanced interest. It is an interactive eLearning classroom app that lets users learn by involving several types of fun quizzes, useful learning content, audio/video lessons, and many more. Noon Academy was founded by Mohammed Aldhalaan and Dr. Abdul-Aziz AL Saeed in 2013 with a simple interest to offer an ideal test preparation website focussing on prospective private coaching. Noon academy employed several data-driven experiments and changed into a comprehensive eLearning platform that offers several unparalleled benefits to students. They can opt to study themselves, or in groups or with their favorite friends while interacting with the best teachers on demand.
  • This unique eLearning platform provides free lessons with a ‘freemium’ revenue model that lets all users get free access to some basic content. The app charges users for live classes with advanced lessons and top-class teachers. Noon Academy is a leading eLearning start-up and elevates social learning to the next level. It has transformed the learning process into a fun mode by offering a peer-to-peer feel that is collaborative, delightful, and highly useful to users. Students can study with their friends with competitive and Live sessions with leading tutors and clear their doubts in an easily understood format. This app focuses on aiding students to clear the Saudi general aptitude test and the achievement test uniquely from other players being qualified from the Saudi National Centre of Assessment (QIYAS).
  • Mohammed Aldhalaan, Co-founder and CEO of Noon Academy says “the biggest problem in studying is not about grasping, but the monotonous nature of the learning. This is the area where Noon Academy excels in achieving what competitors have failed. It has been transformed into an open platform where tutors across the globe are let to have their teaching groups. It allows them to have a genuine following to their classes while also getting extra income by offering the best learning leading to positive feedback. This will not only enhance the encouragement for students but also motivates tutors to help students with enthusiasm. The approach will increase the quality of education and make it more affordable to all corners of the globe.” 


Features and details of Noon Academy:

Collaborative groups:

Break out from boredom by collaborating with your friends and learning in groups for improved interests and results.

Top-class tutors:

The app includes top teachers across the globe while also those from their respective schools.

Advanced Assistant Tools for E-learning:

Noon Academy offers tutors top-class tools for eLearning. This includes advanced video learning, audio lessons, and updated content with collaborative learning.

Interactive sessions:

Users can participate in live sessions, chat with their tutors and clear their doubts with their respective tutors. It will also let students interact with peers for improved learning and enhance their learning experience.

A friendly race with peers:

The noon offers students a leader board that motivates children with friendly challenges including online quizzes, cracking question papers, etc.

One app for all classes:

Noon Academy is a comprehensive e-learning platform for all types of grades including primary school, secondary school, and high school. Noon Academy offers a flawless eLearning platform that can be accessed online from the place of their choice.

Collaborate with friends:

Noon Academy offers you student panels for online learning with a combination of experienced tutors and exams for all grades. Solve all the assignments by collaborating with your friends, in real-time, enhancing or sharing the knowledge, post your queries etc.

Video/Audio learning:

Noon Academy app aids the tutors to explain lessons with top-class videos and interactive sessions. Students get finest online learning via their respective tutors by constant exposure to engaging exercises.


Noon Academy let’s tutors create customized tests for students as per their learning schedule. This is helpful for them to prepare precisely for the tests if they have missed any class in the process. There are also provisions for recorded lessons that allow optimal revising. It stands unique from competitors by offering the best tool for practicing several lessons which may be much tougher for every student. The top-class tutors will design practice papers for students to revise the lessons and enhance their knowledge organically.

The single app with exclusive learning:

Noon Academy is renowned as a top-notch tool for eLearning, with a pool of comprehensive teachers for secondary, and primary school teaching in collaborative virtual classrooms. The app offers advanced tools for both students and teachers making it the best e-Learning platform with exciting features that promote reliable home coaching and online learning.


Final Thoughts:

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