Is Native App Development still Beneficial for Business?

Is native app development still beneficial for business

Is Native App Development still Beneficial for Business?

Mobile apps have become part and parcel of people’s lives across the globe along with all kinds of businesses to successfully reach the target customers. In this era of mobile apps, two kinds of app development are popular in the market namely native and cross-platform development. While several businesses have exponentially increased the use of cross-platform app development, you may be still wondering if native app development can bring value to your business? Continue reading to know in detail.

About Native App Development:

Native app development is the process of developing apps for a specific mobile operating system Android, iOS, Windows, etc, which can be accessed directly from their respective app stores. Native apps will have exclusive access to every API and tool provided by the platform which will make them supportive in giving the best performance and features. Due to their ability to access all device functionalities with ease, they will provide a richer user experience.

What are the exclusive advantages of Native app development?

Best Performance:

The native app is developed for a specific platform in the native app development type of approach. Due to this there will be enhanced performance and speed with the end product. Since they are developed and complied with the native programming language and API, these apps will be highly responsive. The apps can employ the processing power of the device since it is stored on that particular device. Further, you will get the advantage of quick loading times due to the storage of visual elements in the device.

More secured:

The integrated security features of the device can be employed by the Native apps along with the availability of every performance update. Any data compromise or invasion can be negated by using the security management feature of that particular device with full effect.

Top class user experience:

Native apps will offer the best performance and speed with top response to user inputs. They integrate well with the OS settings of the device making them feel like the attached device element. Hence, user experience is an exclusive aspect of the native app with constant scope of improvements following all the strict norms of the specific operating system. As every platform will have its standard for UI UX, the navigation in the app will be smoother. Users will be able to operate the app easily if they are used to the exclusive standards of that particular platform.

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Access to complete features of devices:

As mentioned above, native apps are developed for a precise platform and can completely take the benefit of device functionalities and features. This includes easy access to the device hardware like camera, GPS, microphone, etc making them quicker when compared to hybrid and web apps. It is also beneficial for app developers since they can access every tool or API easily concerning the particular platform. There will not be any kind of roadblocks or limitations in using the newly installed app on the phone.


Native apps will have only one thing to focus on being compatible with one specific platform. This is unique from cross or hybrid platform apps which have the code that should be working for multiple platforms. There will not be any limitations to using the platform specific features which means that the scalability factor will be on the higher side. Several businesses begin with the native mode of development and then cover some minor app modules with cross-platform development. This tactic is used with great effect across several leading players in the market.

Error-free experience:

Hybrid apps are usually dependent on maintaining the same code base for two different apps. But native apps will not be dependent on such a unified maintenance approach, there are minimal chances of inducing errors due to related aspects. There have been several instances of reduced performance in the application with hybrid app development resulting in a poor feel to users. This slowness or reduced performance issue increases to the next level when updated versions of the apps are released. But native apps allow easy access to the SDKs and APIs of that particular platform adding the advantage of using the latest features. Hence, users employing native apps will gain from using updates of the platform to be accessed without any hiccups.

When Should You Develop a Native App?

Native apps come with exclusive features which are not met in the hybrid mode of development. But with several other points in consideration, it is crucial to know the requirements and make a futuristic decision. Below are some essential points where native app development is worth more than other options.

  • If your app idea is complex, then your choice to begin should be a native app. As the native apps can employ features of the specific device, they can lead to smooth navigations and performance for the user.
  • Budget constraints are another major factor in mobile app development. Native apps come with higher price tags than cross-platform app development. So, if you don’t have any budget restrictions, then go for native app development without any thoughts.
  • Time is another important factor to consider as native apps take more time for development. Hence, if your time for business is not much, then you can go with the native app development approach.
  • If you are aiming for a richer user experience with the best performance expectations from your target customers, native app development should be your option. Such customers believe in aiming to get a quality feel from the end product rather than the speed of updates.

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To wrap up:

Every type of app development has its pros and cons relative to its approach. Hence, make thorough research on your business requirements and target customers before choosing the best approach. Your decisions will be impactful if you get the partnership of a reliable mobile app development expert like Brillmindz. The expert team will think futuristically to develop an end product that is customer-friendly and profitable to business owners.