iPhone 12 Release Date, Price, Specifications in India

iPhone 12 Release Date, Price, Specifications in India

iPhone 12 Release Date, Price, Specifications in India

Apple lovers and tech enthusiasts across India are eagerly waiting for the release of the iPhone 12. The regular nine-year pattern was broken this year with a delay in release confirmed by Apple while it didn’t release the iPhone 12 in the September event. Before the next event, iPhone 12 has seen leaked multiple times with the revelation of key details. iPhone fanatics are keen to know the iPhone 12 Release Date, Price, Specifications in India.


iPhone 12 release date 2020, Design and specifications:



iPhone 12 release date:

Apple has shared an invite across various platforms with the confirmation of the iPhone 12 release date event on October 13 mentioning “Hi, Speed”. Despite the event not mentioning exactly about the release of the device, there is a firm belief that this anticipated will showcase the latest iPhone 12. “Hi, Speed” may be relative to the updated 5G speeds included in the latest version of iPhone12 having high-speed 5G connectivity. There is no further information about the scheduled event on October 13th. But it is also believed that the latest and multiple series of iPhone models will be revealed in the event. There are speculations that the list will include the latest iPhone 12 series with pre-orders for them going live from October 16.



The key attraction of the iPhone 12 launch date event is the newest model of the iPhone series that will replace the current $799 iPhone 11, the $999 iPhone 11 Pro, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max, at $1,099 price tags from its release in 2019. The iPhone 12 price in India and the rest of the globe is predicted to be near to the existing price. But there are hopes for up-gradation of features largely on modern cameras, fast chips, and the updated Apple software, iOS 14.


Design and specifications:

  • The leak presented the updated design and the whole iPhone 12 specification. It showcased a processor set to improve the speed by 15% with the use of a 5nm engineering method. Added to the regular iPhone model series, there are also rumors that the iPhone event will also reveal an iPhone 12 Mini. Hence, it may be released as four types of models – the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and iPhone 12 Mini. The iPhone 12 leaks also suggested that the Mini will include a display of 5.4 inches but the iPhone 12 will have a 6.1- or 6.7-inch display.
  • There are a few other facts about the features that were observed in the leaks. The iPhone12 Pro leak mentioned a LiDAR camera and a variation from the 120 Hz display from the previous model. The updated models are supposed to carry the same design patterns from the updated iPad Air which itself stirred most of its design elements from the iPad pro. Therefore, the design is anticipated to have leaner bezels, box sides, and a fingerprint reader below the power button.
  • Along with the most anticipated iPhone 12 models, there are some other exciting products in expectations. Apple had completely stopped the sale of third-party audio devices such as speakers and headphones. This is leading to eagerness that Apple may announce its audio gear. It is also expected that Apple will not contain a charging cable with the new model of iPhones. Apple had already mentioned removing wired chargers from its earlier products including the likes of Apple Watch Series 6 and SE model Apple watches along with the latest iPad. Even though some tech experts mention that it was needless, Apple device users see it to save on mess and extra waste.
  • Apple leaker Prosser had tweeted earlier that AirPods Studio’s initial mass production batch will be over this month. This declaration is expected to happen preferably very soon. He had also mentioned that another apple device, Apple’s Home Pod mini was also in the line-up.



A unique launch:

  • Apple is carrying the event online, about the current coronavirus pandemic situation. But there is one more unique pattern than the regular iPhone 12 release event than the past years. This latest model is coming later than its time of arrival every year for the past nine years. It is a month late to the usual iPhone launch event, which was already hinted at in July when it mentioned the postponement in the advent of the latest smartphones. Although there was a scheduled event in September that did not have the iPhone launch, Apple had some other announcements on new models of iPad, the latest Apple Watch, and the latest Apple one subscription service. This service links its $5-a-month Apple TV Plus, $10-a-month Apple Music, $10-a-month Apple News Plus, a $5-a-month Apple Arcade gaming updates.
  • Along with the latest models of the iPhone series, Apple’s event is also predicted to disclose its modern computer, powered by chips labeled by Apple as Apple Silicon. Apple has not revealed much about the latest chips, which will be replacing the 14-year-old Intel processors. These new Apple processors will be similar to the ones powering its iPads, Apple TVs, and iPhones. But Apple has told that the latest changes will be focussed on improving overall performance, battery life, and smooth connections with iPad and iPhone devices.


Bottom line:

Apple CEO Tim Cook mentioned in his statement previously in the summer that “Hardware and software are fundamental to everything we do and the latest advancements will take the Mac to the next level”. There are huge expectations with the iPhone 12 release date 2020 approaching near. Including the modern design, 5G wireless technology, and delay in launch has made apple lovers wait enthusiastically for October 13th. It will also offer ample business opportunities for entrepreneurs for capturing the interest of Apple users via their iOS app development. Many business owners are looking to associate with trusted Mobile app development companies in Bangalore like Brillmindz to develop exciting iPhone apps for new devices.