How will Innovative Development in Education Technologies Positively Impact Learning in 2022?

innovative development in Education Technologies

How will Innovative Development in Education Technologies Positively Impact Learning in 2022?

Advancements in technology have transformed the majority of industries across the globe. It is similar to the Education segment with students getting used to internet connections both at home and in a classroom setting. This transformation has been accelerated like never before with the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Until this big thing in early 2020, all of the current online education scenarios were just thought of as a luxury.

Hence, even though there was a minor upsurge in the online education segment across the past decade, there was a massive boom within a few days after the pandemic outbreak. There was a complete shift across many nations as they witnessed a rapid increase in Covid 19 cases. Rather than the traditional method of attending the schools and sitting in the classroom setting, both teachers and students were connected via virtual modes with the aid of online learning platforms. But there is an area of concern among several online service providers after 2 years of this new norm initiation.

There have been massive drives of vaccinations across the country leading to the opening of several workplaces along with schools/colleges joining this list. Amidst these changing circumstances, the eLearning industry is facing a tricky question: how will the innovative technology withstand the reversing trend?

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What are the innovative trends that hold the edge in the education segment?

Machine learning and artificial intelligence:  Probably one of the leading trends in the modern eLearning trend is the use of Artificial Intelligence. Traditionally it was a tedious task to design a common syllabus for all students. With such efforts, it was a distant dream to have a tailored syllabus as per the need of an individual student. This dream was made a reality with the utilization of AI- Artificial Intelligence.

It has decreased the efforts of content creators in identifying the needs and learning levels of every student to develop a customized curriculum. It has been proven by several studies that this kind of customized learning will aid the students to gain adequate knowledge within a short period rather than spending long hours learning generalized topics. Even though every individual will have diverse self-learning abilities, AI-backed technology will boost the possibilities.

Chatbots: While chatbots have been the go-to feature in eCommerce, they have also been a useful aspect in eLearning. Chatbots were developed to ease the manual interaction issues between technology owners and users. This type of automated feature aided the users to stay connected with the product experts, enhancing the experience. It has been a boon in the education segment where students can clear their doubts without any delay.

Chatbots have been successful in decreasing manual indulgence and paperwork is especially to get user reviews and queries. Studies have shown them to be highly capable of performing more accurately than traditional teacher interactions. Tutors can easily track the performance of students with automatic interactions proving to end up with fruitful results.

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Virtual Learning Platforms: The recent advancements in technology and the outbreak of pandemics have made virtual classrooms an integral part of the online education system. Studies have shown that there was an unbelievable rise in the usage of virtual learning platforms in recent years. This is due to the comprehensive support from the schools, colleges, and educational institutions employing videos to aid their syllabus. Moreover, there was increased student involvement in various innovative methods of learning.

These methods include employment in student lectures, content materials, video classes, audio lessons, tracking of student progress. Even with the start of physical classrooms, there would be maintenance online and offline modes to accommodate perfect balance for student learning. There has been the elimination of manual tasks giving timely guidance to students to give customized learning experiences depending on the outcomes.

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality Voice Platforms: One more important aspect in the future of education technology is the inclusion of augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR). Easy availability of high-speed internet and devices are leading from the front to utilize these aspects. Employing Virtual reality will provide a new type of experience where they can enhance the learning feel, while Augmented Reality will give a new experience of real-world products. Even tutors will have the edge to show certain aspects like scientific instructions including dissections, microscopic organisms, etc with ease. The advantages do not stop with scientific topics and also extend to a wide range of other areas like history or geography, etc. They can get to know important global aspects without actually being at the place but in the comfort of the classrooms.

Assisted learning: Another crucial innovation in the education industry is the ability to make use of alternative input devices. It is mainly helpful for students having special abilities to ease their usage of various types of digital devices. This could include using larger input devices like keyboards with bigger buttons, a mouse that can be used with feet or mouth, etc. Moreover, as there is a steep increase in usage of technology, there have been efforts to provide easy and readable text options for students with disabilities in learning. Such innovations aid in negating any roadblocks that avoid students from depending on their abilities to learn.

Smart students and teachers with support from their respective educational institutions and digital transformation experts have been leading the segment. Voice-assisted support is another feature that helps students to get instant answers to their doubts. Not only do these voice-assisted features help routine tasks to be completed with ease, but also aid students to be equal with their normal classmates.

Final thoughts:

The latest innovations in education technology have revolutionized learning methodologies by offering a wide range of advanced tools to ease the method of learning. The constant rise of technological progressions in education is on the leading front to enhance the career of students with bright futures. Associate with a leading technology mobile app development firm like Brillmindz can successfully transform your ideas into a profitable reality.