How to Develop a Woman’s Fitness and Health Tracking App?

How to build a woman fitness and health tracking app

How to Develop a Woman’s Fitness and Health Tracking App?

Healthcare is a crucial element in the life of any individual. There has been tremendous improvement in the smart healthcare technology focused on providing improved solutions for various kinds of ailments. The healthcare segment is enriched by digital technology in the form of mHealth apps meeting various purposes. Such mobile healthcare solutions have got best ability to bring huge influence in solving various ailments along with improving the lifespan of patients suffering from chronic issues.

There are several types of healthcare solutions concerning fitness, managing various ailments, checking vital parameters, diet, lifestyle management, and many others. But with additional responsibility, there is more need for creative health and fitness tracking apps exclusively for women.

What is FemTech?

Femtech or female technology includes all kinds of software, technology, products, diagnostics, and all kinds of services that focus on enhancing the health of women. With the evolution of technology in the form of enthusiastic firms, several energetic female entrepreneurs have arrived at the mHealth stage. This has revolutionized the female entrepreneurs to get the energy for developing several female-oriented technological solutions termed femtech.

This category is outlining the part of mobile apps in the empowerment of women. Femtech focuses on employing digital technology in helping women patients to use the app that aids in solving women-specific health concerns. Stimulating women in gaining successful careers is encouraging various businesses to take the charge in developing more femtech solutions.

What are the advantages of women’s fitness and health tracking apps?

You will think of the unique benefits provided by these femtech apps related to fitness and health tracking for women. Below are some important ones:

Aids to keep the record of women’s health history:

This app offers complete record-keeping of women’s health concerns such as ovulation, menstruation cycle, mood swings, fertile days, and several others. With comprehensive information about the body condition of the woman, they can make impactful decisions at crucial stages. This will not only be helpful to keep track of their overall health but also aids in birth control measures. Moreover, even health professionals can access the data in their time of need.

Notifying About Probable Infections and Diseases:

They will accumulate real-time data to allow women in finding the hidden ailments and any other conditions for getting timely treatments. With health professionals being able to access the data, women can get the timely treatment that will let them feel peaceful.

No hurry-buries at any stage:

Traditionally, healthcare was tough to access for people, especially in rural areas. With the advancements in technology, not only healthcare has improved but also reached rural areas. Women have gained many benefits from these advancements as they can have crucial information within their reach.

Maximum security and privacy of data:

The added advantage of this app is the ability to keep the data secured and only allow for any access. In the era of digital technology, there is always a concern of malicious activities which is negated by the usage of these apps.

Controlling and notifying fitness data:

Who doesn’t want to remain fit by keeping the body in shape? The female body undergoes drastic changes than men since women undergo the beautiful state of pregnancy. By smart use of these apps, women can stay in proper shape by getting maximum results for their efforts.

Features to be included in the fitness and health tracking app for women:

Registration and sign-in: 

If you want maximum users to download the mobile app and use it for the long run, you have to keep a smooth registration and sign-in option. Users must be allowed to easily login with email and password, but providing a phone number with OTP and social media integration must also be provided.

Comprehensive user Profile: 

Users should have the option of entering all their information and creating their profiles easily. While the information provided should not be regarding the user’s weight, height, and age but also details regarding any previous ailments, allergies, monthly cycle dates, etc.

Period Tracker: 

It is another vital feature that aids women to track their periods while checking the changes in ovulation cycles. They can track any hidden health ailments, fertility conditions, next period date, and several other similar information. The period tracker will hold all this vital information and can be tracked by an expert or help in birth control measures.

Online doctor consultation:

Women will always have additional responsibilities of taking care of their families. Due to this, they may miss the immediate dates of visiting a doctor for any concerns. With this mobile app, they can access the doctor with online appointments and easy consultations. They can speak to the specialist for any concerns and take the next step as prescribed while only visiting the hospital if necessary.


Women will get crucial reminders of health conditions by relying on the inputs given to them. It will not only help them to be connected with the appointments, medicines, and other aspects but also helps to keep track of all the health ailments.

Keeping Track of all symptoms:

Another invaluable benefit of the mobile app is to track symptoms, check their pattern, and intimate you of taking necessary action. With women having so many aspects to check at regular intervals, keeping track of symptoms and notifying will give them loads of peace.

To wrap up:

There has been enormous advancement in the femtech segment with a focus to restructure the women’s requirements via advanced mHealth solutions. There are many health and fitness tracking apps in the market that are related to diet, fitness, muscle building, weight loss, and whatnot. But the percentage of women’s health and fitness tracking apps is much lower in comparison. You can grab the space in the market by offering an innovative solution. Being a business owner, if you have to succeed in this segment, you have to deliver innovative and user-friendly solutions by associating with a reliable mobile app development company like Brillmindz technologies.