How to Avoid Pitfalls in Cloud App Development?

How to avoid pitfalls in cloud app development

How to Avoid Pitfalls in Cloud App Development?

From the point of its inception, there have been rapid changes in the cloud industry and one of the fruitful ones is cloud app development. Businesses across all kinds of industries are employing technology for gaining swift digital experience, performance, and flexibility. Hence, cloud app development is not only helpful in saving on resources but also helpful in making the customers loyal to your app for longer. But there are some key issues that you will find while developing cloud-based apps. Below are some key pitfalls to avoid during the process of cloud app development:

Research and purpose:

Developing a cloud-based app or migrating to the cloud without proper research and purpose could lead to disaster. Selecting an app in the wrong niche or purpose can impact the cloud server in the long run. Start by analysing the app design, age, functions, DB configurations, interactions with other apps, etc. If you are looking to make use of the cloud for offering the services then you should have a strong purpose backing the move. It is highly important to know the positives and negatives of using the service in the long run.


Cloud apps stay unique from others with their ability to offer crucial services with minimal or no downtime even in case of any disastrous events. But there are events of cloud services being disrupted for some reasons by the service providers. Hence, you must be aware of the cloud service providers, their service history, and the technologies used in the process. Ensure that the cloud apps are ready for integration, start to monitor their performance, usage, abilities, and business dependencies. Once you are sure that the service provider offers all the requirements, then you can proceed further.

Security aspects:

Since cloud-based apps usually store and process huge amounts of sensitive information, security is an important aspect that makes it a valuable entity in the competitive market. Always guarantee to implement role-reliant security so that the team members are accessing specific modules of the cloud which is necessary for the respective tasks. It is an utmost crucial aspect of your service to ensure that the user data is secure and blocked from any malicious activity. Employ robust data encryption and SSL, for ensuring the security of business and customer information from 3rd party integrations. If you make use of these security aspects then even in case of any fraudulent entry, they cannot cause any harm to the crucial information.


Several businesses will have on-premise apps along with cloud-based apps in operation. Once you find the urge or need to connect these elements, then you will know that there are many integration complexities involved in the process. Hence, before you begin the process of cloud app development, make sure to research the integration aspects with your existing apps or services with the planning of complete efforts.


This is the ability to develop a code that can work seamlessly across various cloud service providers without any alterations. It has been observed that one of the stiff challenges in cloud transformation is to ensure smooth communication between systems. If you want your cloud software to be easy to work with various cloud settings then you must adapt key norms in the cloud computing technology. With maximum accessibility of data, there will be room for easy communication between various cloud platforms. You will be able to run systems that are built for one cloud setting successfully in another cloud setting. As you follow the standard operating protocols you will have no time wastage in modifying the code for every given system.

Confusion with clients:

Even though businesses spend loads of time knowing the concept of cloud technology, they tend to neglect to give a broader understanding of the same to their clients. Since cloud technology is like other entities it is growing every day at a steady pace and clients must get aware of this. There are chances of misinterpretations among the clients leading to loads of confusion about the outcomes. They may develop imaginary expectations about the outcomes and become annoyed when it’s not fulfilled. Hence, offer a real-time understanding of the technology and results of the service for avoiding any confusion in later stages.

Wrong cost estimation: 

It is an important rule in any kind of business to have realistic budget estimations for cloud migration. While cloud migration may require some additional budget, it offers the highest flexibility so that you can scale whenever there is a necessity in the future. Further, you also must consider the impact of downtimes during the actual process of migration. Hence, it is key that you must plan rightly for the costs incurred depending on the overall requirements. Ensure that you have a well-planned disaster recovery strategy which has to be implemented easily in case of need. Your cloud service provider abilities will form a major factor in impacting your overall costs for the process.

The team:

Even though you have ticked all the right boxes for the points mentioned above, choosing the wrong app development team can spoil the show easily. It could lead to further pitfalls like selecting the wrong technology stack, improper testing measures, and a database. Etc will lead to costly affairs. Associating with an expert mobile app development company will support you in making the right moves concerning related aspects. This is not only crucial for the right app launch but also to keep a strong loyalty factor with the customers for a long time. Hence, being a business owner, you must be cautious when choosing the team for cloud app development.

To wrap up:

In the current era, several firms make use of cloud app development services to scale their business. But it is important to be aware of challenges that you can encounter in the process. Associate with a mobile app development company in Bangalore like Brillmindz technologies which has comprehensive knowledge of developing cloud-based apps with profitable and user-friendly outcomes.