How eLearning Apps Are Helping Education Industry During COVID-19?

How eLearning Apps Are Helping Education Industry During COVID-19?

  How eLearning Apps Are Helping Education Industry During COVID-19?

With the disruption of the normal life of people across the globe by the COVID -19 pandemic, several industries have been running the show with online operations. Cutting-edge mobile apps have revolutionized several industries with their user-friendly and profitable nature. There was no clue that schools or educational institutions would face shutdowns due to the outbreak of Coronavirus in early 2020. Due to the versatility of eLearning apps, school buildings that had no other choice than closing, have been able to continue the education process. eLearning has been helping the education segment for a few years but the outbreak of Coronavirus enhanced its real importance. All the regular school processes like lectures, interactions, writing tests, submitting assignments, etc have been possible due to these eLearning apps. Moreover, there has been a constant push from the government and private network providers to boost the eLearning process and promote the usage of these apps. Education Industry During COVID-19 was very affected read continue to know more how eLearning Apps Are Helping Education Industry During COVID-19?

What makes eLearning apps unique?

Sustained Collaboration and Engagement:

The most crucial elements in the segment of education are Collaboration and Engagement. It would be difficult for students to grasp any topic if they do not effectively engage and collaborate in the lectures or read the textbooks. eLearning apps are unique in this manner as they aid students to enhance their knowledge by offering a collaborative user interface. These eLearning apps have made a huge impact in the segment by offering an innovative learning process that encourages the students to think creatively. Moreover, the engaging design and user-friendly interface will enhance the collaboration between the tutors and students. eLearning apps provide this unparalleled advantage which was more crucial in such a time of pandemic outbreak as there were no other means to continue the process.

24×7 Convenience:

e-learning apps provide the advantage of having no limitations in the process as both tutors and students can access it from any place or time of their choice. This is not possible via a regular classroom setting since there will be a restricted time for students and tutors to be in the space at a particular time frame. eLearning apps have recorded sessions of all the classes which can be accessed at any desired time and location of choice. You would only need a smartphone and stable internet connection to either watch it live or download and access it later. Several students who are unable to attend classes at fixed timelines have no longer to think about missing their classes. This is also helpful for individuals who travel from far areas to attend the class and the chances of missing the class are more frequent. 

Ease of Communication

With the initiation of eLearning apps, communication has become a cakewalk for both students and teachers. While communication is a crucial factor and has a major part in all types of niches across the market and is the same with the education industry. eLearning apps aid to build fruitful communication between all the involved parties like students, teachers, and parents that leads to enhancing the success of the system. This transparent communication will also help the parents to have complete information about the child’s attendance, grades, and other feedback that encourages total transparency in the process.

Customizable as per student needs:

One more key aspect of the eLearning app is customizability as per the varying student needs. Each school will have individual teaching elements, training methods, and motives to impart the process of education. eLearning apps will help the schools to customize the apps according to these aspects and promote efficient learning in their students.


Accurate Information:

If students miss the class, one of the annoying problems is missing key information from tutors or school. These eLearning apps negate this problem faced by a majority of students and let them access all the information given during the class. Advanced eLearning apps offer features like push notifications and instant updates that come to the rescue. It will keep them alerted about changes in schedule, tutors, libraries, events, and many more. 

Hassle-free review of assignments:

Traditionally teachers had to personally check every assignment and assess them accordingly. eLearning apps can effortlessly carry on various tests and check them easily. It could be short-answer, long-answer, multiple-choice questions, or any type, it will be a cakewalk. The eLearning apps also let tutors and students easily send their assignments and assess them by offering marks with appropriate feedback.

Offering more Than Learning:

eLearning apps will ease the payment process by offering multiple methods of payment and avoiding standing alone in the queue. Tutors can mark the attendance easily with integrated attendance management apps which can accurately help in managing the student information accurately. Tracking the student and maintaining clear transparency will be achieved successfully. It can be helpful for both tutors and school management to circulate the key information, answer the doubts of students, alert them about all the key events, and many more. eLearning apps let the school management focus on improving the education system of their respective institution while routine proceedings will be carried out by the app.

Reduction in Overall Costs:

Traditional learning settings involve many operational costs to take care of the infrastructure, electricity, and many more to promote smooth learning. While eLearning apps are the cheapest and best option for people with unavoidable budget problems. It is said that traditional learning will open sooner or later but since involved users have experienced its efficiency, eLearning apps are here to stay for longer. 

Final Thoughts:

The effect of COVID-19 will remain for some more time depending on the impact of vaccination coverage. This has an influence on the new normal in the field of eLearning where students will be attending classes from their homes. Businesses can count on investing in the eLearning segment by associating with expert mobile app development companies in Bangalore such as Brillmindz. The team has impactful experience in crafting profitable mobile apps that carry the ability to be user-friendly and profitable in the long run. 


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