Factors to Keep in Mind While Choosing the Best Mobile App Backend in 2022

Factors To Keep In Mind While Choosing The Best Mobile App Backend in 2022

Factors to Keep in Mind While Choosing the Best Mobile App Backend in 2022

Businesses have been stimulated to develop their mobile apps due to their huge reach across smartphone users. With the competitive nature of the market, it is key for business owners to choose the best technology stack for all stages. As mobile app developers make profound research on selecting the technology stack for front-end development, it is also important to select the best backend stack for controlling various aspects like data transmission, storage, security, and several others. What are the factors to keep in mind when you select the mobile app backend for your project in 2022?

What is the backend for a mobile app?

Backend for a mobile app is the software that works behind the scenes supporting the front-end software. This functions on remote technologies termed as servers and can be retrieved via API with internet connectivity. The main focus of back-end apps is to carry out remote activities that cannot be accomplished by front-end apps. The back end will not have direct human interaction and only by front end software that communicates via the internet employing protocols. These protocols have opted only for system to system communication and are unique from human connections.

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How to choose the best backend language for your project?

Every backend technology consists of its type of development tools, specifications, features, and outcomes. There is no fixed formula to choose a specific back-end technology for every purpose. It is reliant on the mobile app developers of a precise company about their expertise. But they have to think about the final output and business motives while choosing the technology. Further, selecting the best back-end technology stack must accurately match the important business requirements of your venture. It will help you to manage the budget for taking care of all the updates and issue management.

The overall approach for backend development is identical to the front-end development approach. Select the app engineers by checking their expertise on the chosen technology with their capability to innovate on your core app idea. Once the back-end development team is ready, they will have to group up together to match the business requirements and select the nuances in the precise technology. The nuances include a selection of programming language (Node.js, Python, etc), Architecture, the platform required to run the back-end software, API (XML, JSON, REST, etc.), Database (SQL, NoSQL DB, etc).

Every type of niche will have its requirements to be fulfilled to accomplish the related tasks. These aspects have to be considered while selecting the technology for the app. For example, if the mobile app is about finance, then it should have optimal security points to be covered. If the app consists of tasks handling a huge amount of data then it should be able to function accordingly.

Types of backend technology:

Single Server Hosting: The simplest setup for minimally scaling businesses is Single server mobile app backend hosting. Usually, this approach is utilized by businesses if they have budget constraints in consideration to start with the process. Many studies and instances have shown that there is one concern with the single server hosting which can be termed as its disadvantage. It is the time when this single server that runs the app tasks fails, then it will cause the failure of relevant functions. It will directly impact the user operations spoiling the brand name of the business. 

Multi-region hosting: If your business deals with customers across the globe, then it is important to be concerned about the location of the mobile app backend servers. The network latency and output between the server and the client should be considered as per the specific location. Every location might have its norms for data transmission. These norms will be separate for both individual and business hosting of data from the app’s backend.

Assets hosting: A CDN is a group of servers distributed in different geographical areas that work together to quickly deliver internet content. A CDN allows assets such as HTML pages, stylesheets, javascript files, videos, and images to be transferred quickly for internet content loading. Most mobile app backend hosting providers have a simple option (as simple as a single click) to facilitate the sharing of files directly into a CDN.

SaaS or Third-Party Services: For some situations, the feature you are searching to develop may be already present as integrated into the service which will be beneficial for the front end. This just lets you make use of all the built-in components in the back end with a subscription for a specific period.

MBaaS: MBaaS lets the app engineers build customized backend by employing the inbuilt components that can be used for various types of projects. These components can be employed to facilitate tasks like authentications, data storage, and processing, push notifications, etc. Further, MBaaS offers a golden chance to create tailored codes if you want something extra from the existing components. Due to the simple usage and option for customization, this option serves the purpose of businesses. But you have to take a look at some of the key aspects if you are looking to plan your budgeting aspects accordingly.

You will start using the service as per your numbers needed concerning points like the total number of users, notifications, data storage, etc. If there is an increase in the number of users to the app within a very short period, then you will have to customize the backend leading to additional charges. While MBaas is more versatile than regular SaaS, it will need customization at required levels.

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Final thoughts:

All backend technologies have their specific features, technologies, operation, and motives to the business. It comes to the skill level of developers and their ease to use a language. Hence, it is important to associate with mobile app development company like Brillmindz technologies who can use the best technologies to craft your backend service. The team is capable of handling any complex situation to end up with a profitable outcome.