A Guide to Designing a Successful Game App for iOS and Android

A Guide to Designing a Successful Game App for iOS and Android

A Guide to Designing a Successful Game App for iOS and Android

There is a huge demand in the mobile game segment which has led to the enthusiasm of business owners to invest significantly. Every day, the mobile gaming market is increasing tremendously as advanced mobile app engineers are coming up with exciting ideas. Looking at the strong competition, if you are building an app for iOS and Android, then you have to be sure about your approach. So, what are the steps that you can take to make your app stand out in the crowd? In this aspect, it is the game design that comes into the picture. If you are eager to know about the process that can help in designing a beautiful app for native apps like IOS or Android, keep reading below.

How to Start Designing/Developing a Successful iOS/Android Game?

Designing a gaming app just does not involve taking care of UI UX aspects but it consists of all other aspects from research, idea, story, platform, technology, and many more. Below are some crucial things that must be followed if you successfully want to design a successful gaming app for iOS or Android.

  1. Understanding your motives and goals:

The process starts successfully with a deep understanding of the organization’s motives, approach, and final expected results. Accumulating every small detail is important to know the strengths and weaknesses of the organization. These details will help you to know the approach you need to adapt in framing the app design. You will be in a great position to create appropriate design and hugely gain over the competitive market.

  1. Market research

The current gaming market is filled with different types of advanced apps. Hence, it is most likely that there is a similar type of game that you are looking to develop. Hence, you have to perform a thorough research of the gaming market on the app idea to ensure that it is unique and has all the chance of engaging the players for longer. Take a look and play around with the closest competitor products to help you in deciding crucial aspects.

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  1. Idea

Having a clear app design idea is important for outlining the success of a gaming app. Developing heavily on the crucial app idea is important for executing the plans. The previous step of performing market research is important in helping you to shape up the app idea. If you associate with an expert mobile app development partner, then you will get a smart idea that will easily reach gaming enthusiasts.

  1. Story:

A successful story will make a game exciting and appealing to the users. Hence, the story should be unique and thrilling for users to be interested in the game. Every gaming enthusiast will be looking to get a brilliant story with the game. Being a business owner if you find that users are interested in your app storyline, then you can be motivated for innovate in the process. Any kind of game will require the introduction of new characters, gaming styles, rewards, points, etc for achieving constant success.

  1. Attractive design:

The UI UX of the app will be a crucial factor in reaching the game to several users. To make the app more engaging, you must not take the drastic step of including more complex elements in the process. This should be in the line of introducing a clear set of simple rules that helps users to be involved in the process. Be sure to meet the requirements for every screen size and resolution before finagling the graphics part. The design team must come together to streamline the characters, story, and gaming styles and give a lively feel to the overall game.

  1. Fix the type of platforms:

Different types of operating platforms will have a definite number of associated users and specific cost figures. Native apps could be from Android, iOS, or cross-platform apps which can help in reaching users from multiple platforms. Research on the usage of your target users and act accordingly. If you are looking to target users from multiple platforms then cross-platform development would be the best option to begin.

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  1. Monetization

Selecting a monetization model is crucial if you want to accelerate the returns and get value for using any 3rd party services. Below are the general ones:

  • Premium version

It starts by giving some free usage days for users with the initial version and then moving on to paid ones in later stages. If users like your app, then they will opt for the premium version.

  • Ads

This is the idea that pays for every click on the advertisement by the user. But it is important to display the ad wisely since it may create an annoying experience for the user if not done appropriately.

  • In-app purchases:

Users can upgrade their strengths in the game for gaining extra levels or features in playing to the full potential in the game.

  1. Select the best technology:

Once you have successfully surpassed all the above steps, you have to choose the right technology for your development. It mainly involves selecting the programming language as per the tailored needs of coding. For instance, if you are looking to develop a native app using Android, then you may choose technologies like Flutter, Kotlin, Android Studio, etc. If you are selecting an iOS app, then it may be technologies like XCode, Swift, etc. Any kind of built-in features will not be sufficient for customized game app development development projects, which demands engineers to have a thorough knowledge of programming aspects.

Final thoughts:

Mobile game app development is a complex process that requires the expertise of skilled app engineers. Hence it is important to associate with a reliable mobile app development company like Brillmindz technologies. With a diverse experience of working in multiple types of mobile technologies for more than a decade, we can handle any kind of complexities with ease to deliver an exciting and profitable output.