Which are the Top Frameworks to Build Hybrid Mobile Apps in 2022?

top frameworks to build hybrid mobile apps

Which are the Top Frameworks to Build Hybrid Mobile Apps in 2022?

If you are a business owner looking to develop a mobile app, then you would consider hybrid mobile app development due to the flexibility it provides. There has been a significant increase in user demand for hybrid mobile apps since it works on multiple platforms. Mobile App development can be done without knowing the native coding language for focussing on improving the product quality. But amongst different types of hybrid mobile app development frameworks available in the market, it could be tricky to choose the best one according to your needs. This blog lists out some of the valuable hybrid frameworks that are accepted widely and help you to achieve your goals.

This blog lists out some of the valuable hybrid frameworks that are accepted widely and help you to achieve your goals.


Developed by Google, Flutter was created to assist developers in creating products that work on both iOS and Android devices. With its minimal learning need, it is expected that Flutter will easily be among the top development frameworks in the market. The latest hybrid app development toolkit is in the initial state allowing up to 90% code sharing between the Android and iOS platforms. Google has performed a test run where native apps developed using Flutter showed excellent results on both Android and iOS platforms. As Google is encouraged to develop an open-source technology it is expected that Flutter will be a go-to option for app developers.


Xamarin is a hybrid mobile app development software that was acquired by Microsoft in 2016 and is reliant on .NET Framework for Android, iOS, and Windows. Xamarin performs in a well-controlled setting offering several benefits like memory and garbage collection. Xamarin is a part of Xamarin Visual Studio IDE after it was made open source by Microsoft. An expert developer can develop comprehensive native apps filled with features by using Xamarin. It only takes minimal time and overall cost for development along with access to all the native SDK features thanks to an integrated C# codebase.

React Native:

React Native is another widely used hybrid framework among the top app developers. This framework is known for its easy usage to have a single code base that can share elements across multiple platforms. Delivering sublime performance is one of the key aspects of React Native and if you are looking to give a smooth user experience, then this will be your best option. Developers can create code in its native form with the availability of native APIs and a JavaScript interface. Further, it provides the exclusive advantage of smooth collaboration between developers who are new to Java or objective C with a single location to stack the project code. But you will not be able to access premium native features for free as it involves additional charges.


This stands among the highly used hybrid app development frameworks in the market. Custom apps can be developed using JavaScript, Cs, and Html elements for developing native-type UI features. This HTML5 mobile app development framework is preferred by several experts for developing hybrid mobile apps. The framework becomes ideal due to the inclusion of cutting-edge features like typography, interactive paradigms, mobile components, etc that ease the task for app engineers. Ionic is reliant on Angular which makes it provides integrated Angular components that match the native look and feel of the app. This makes it suitable for enhancing the overall functionality of Ionic apps. Hence, this framework is highly preferred by several expert app engineers across the globe. 


Sencha is termed as one of the pioneers in developing enterprise-level apps. This is highly helpful in developing exciting apps but not in developing a framework. The software is dependent on building advanced technologies based on HTML5, ES6, CSS, JavaScript, and modern web technologies. Sencha Ext JS is the modern name of the original Sencha touch which is not available or supported in the market. There is a certain exclusive set of software that works on improving efficiency while allowing deployment, design, optimization, debugging, etc smoothly. This is a unique kind of software that has the ability for developing exciting apps as per user requirements.

Native Script:

Being an open-source framework, Native Script allows the creation of native mobile apps using JavaScript and CSS. The app engineers get the opportunity to develop iOS, Android, Windows, and IOS apps using integrated programming languages with robust and swift apps. You can access the native APIs of each platform with the aid of respective integrated plugins. Native Script will be the ideal choice for mobile app developers who have prior knowledge of working with front-end languages such as CSS, JavaScript, etc. Native Script offers the highest amount of flexibility for developers with its unrestricted features. Moreover, it is simple for beginners who are new but have knowledge of JavaScript.

jQuery Mobile:

jQuery Mobile requires some deep insights to start with, but once you are aware of the subject, you can easily learn the advanced elements of the framework. It gives a native kind of experience for either websites or mobile apps especially meant for touchscreens thanks to its excellent cross-platform compatibility. The integrated media queries allow this framework to be ready for developing mobile apps that match devices with varying resolutions and screen sizes. One thing about using this framework is that the majority of apps are employing jQuery to ensure the consistent running of the app.

To wrap up:

If you are a start-up looking to reach maximum users but have a tight budgeting figure, then hybrid app development will be your ideal choice. But with the availability of multiple types of frameworks, you may be confused to choose the right one for your requirement. Relish maximum scalability coupled with wider reach to target customers by partnering with an expert mobile app development company in Bangalore such as Brillmindz technologies. Known as one of the top mobile app development companies, Brillmindz technologies is blessed with a team that is well-versed across both native and hybrid app development frameworks and guides you to achieve profitable results in the competitive market.