No Apps is worthy if its success cannot be measured – Maintaining a happy face always

How to measure the success of Mobile Apps might just be a triggering question. Applications are created to meet the user experiences. Hence, the target users and audiences are first determined. No application will be success unless goes through a series of market research. If the application is required by a particular group of people, what all features should be included to make it not just useful but also dire necessity of an hour? The need assessment comes in the forefront to at least envisage the market response.

Through the process of need assessment,

  1. We understand the exact requirement of the end users.
  2. We develop the product as per the requirement by packing it with series of features.
  3. Marketing the product before making it live.
  4. Understanding the zone of origination and from where the users are flowing in.
  5. Test the market response with absolute productivity of the developed applications.
  6. To keep modifying so that the end users maximize their benefits.
  7. To trace the scope of development and manage the application accordingly.

When the whole world is soaring with the heavy and growing demand of application, to understand the requirement of the end users is tremendously important. The market has adapted some metrics which can determine or measure the success of the developed apps. There are some basic metrics to measure the success of any applications.

  1. Procuring Metrics – When we talk about the procurement of any application, it can be divided into two segments.
  • Sighting the application and,
  • Downloading the application.

It is highly important to keep a track from where the users are flowing in and what could be the best possible contributions that will urge them to download the application. It can well be noted that the user will download the application only if the purpose is met. The users get hooked towards a certain apps that live up to the promise of providing him the best and optimum results. Downloading the applications is a step ahead to enjoy the use of the application packed with features, facilities and variations. The download of any application is directly proportionate to the user friendliness of the app.

  1. Engaging Metrics – A user friendly, feature packed and interesting application is capable enough to engage the user for long time, as the user cannot manage to get enough out of it. They delve deep to find out what else is there to fulfil their requirement in multiple ways. As long as the user is glued with the apps or frequently they use the app defines exactly the response it has generated from the end users. This also defines the level of satisfaction and the scope of further improvement of the application.
  1. Reaction and Action Metrics – This metrics tell us the activities while using applications, how frequently the user keeps coming back and their response. Being online and frequent login can also indicate the heavy response of the end user. Through this metrics we understand the efficiency of the applications.
  1. Retaining Metrics – The retention rate for any application is assumed to be higher if you collect feedback from the user and respond to it in no time. Viability of any application highly depends on the variations and if the user finds it interesting enough to make it an integral part of their day to day activities. Hence, the retention of the user is guaranteed with optimum use of the applications.
  1. Excelling Metrics – It is hard to develop an application error-free. There will be issue and it hardly could be avoided. So, rather than focusing on developing an apps error-free, it is fair to develop application that will have problems, but with strong effort and knowledge it could be fixed anytime for continues productivity. The users in a way gathers trust and remains assured that the developers are always on their heels to trouble shoot the error for continues results. Fixing the error and maintaining the quality is the vital point of increasing the success.
  1. Behaviour Metrics – Keeping a track of the behaviour of the application and the usage is a major point to consider. The data should be maintained accordingly as at what time the user would connect and what internet facility they use. It will help a developer to develop an application that will adapt on any given conditions and will perform hassle free.
  1. Profitable Metrics – It is an intention to generate revenue against the use of any application. A great application creates an experience for few moments and the freshness lasts for a lifetime. As worthy as the app is the revenue generation really becomes easy. Considering the financial returns against each app that the user generates determines the lifelong profitable margin for the user.

Based on the about mentioned Metric, one can be assured of their success of an app developed for specific purposes.

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