iPhone 7 cult follows


Apple’s innovation is a cult in itself. It defines the elegance packed with features. With the release of the much awaited iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus on September 7th, 2016 at Bill Graham Auditorium, San Francisco, the trend is reformed and continues ahead.

The features that the iPhone offers are as follows:

  1. By design it is introduced as matt finish of jet black finish. The sleek look body is built in bead blasted aluminum. It is water resistant and splash resistant for continues protection against water spillages and dust as well. The home button is much advanced solid state button durable, pressure sensitive and responsive. It works on tandem with new taptic engine and smooth feeling when the home button is pressed. The home button can easily be customized.
  2. Highly advanced finger prints sensor is very quick, Touch ID makes unlocking of iPhone very easy and secure. It is packed by features like 12 mega pixel camera clarity, optical image stabilization offers a sensor helps the lens counteract even the tiniest movement, 7 mega pixel FaceTime HD camera, Quad-LED True Tone Flash allows flash adjust according to the colour temperature of the environment, an ƒ/1.8 aperture and a six‑element lens – enables clicking photos even in low lights, wide colour capture makes photos and live photos even more lively.
  3. It helps to shoot 4K resolution videos over 8 million pixel and offers slow‑motion support in 1080p and 720p HD. It has image single processor built into the A10 fusion chips. When photo or video is taken, the ISP powers over 100 billion operations and even uses machines that help to capture amazing picture. iPhone 7 Plus brings in two cameras that shoots as one. With 12 mega pixel wide-photo and telephoto cameras, optical zoom at 2x and digital zoom up to 10x and portrait mode, iPhone offers a state-of-art technology.
  4. The additional features like wide colour gamut, 25% brighter view and 3D touch are added in the device. iPhone 7 has 4.7″ Retina HD display with wide colour and 3D touch and 1334×750 resolution. Whereas in iPhone 7 Plus the screen is 5.5″ Retina HD display with wide colour and 3D Touch and 1920×1080 resolution. The battery life is longest and the new stereo speaker system, which offers louder audibility.
  5. The iPhone 7 is powered with SIRI technology and API. It also has features like Xcode 8.

With advance quality and features, Apple has yet again proved their credentials. The App developers with new technology of Apple have wide scope of innovation.

  1. The Swift language has a reformed version of 3.0. The developers have found Swift language as an improvement in the application development process.
  2. The indexing time has become fast and smooth. The moment an application is run it does not take much time to start the application.
  3. The messages applications have just become much refined. New sticker app set is introduced that has made the designers to work on innovations. The messages applications are now packed with many special features.
  4. The interface is changed now. Any document can be edited easily modified at zoom level also.
  5. With the use of iOS 10, the developers will be able to take the benefits of SIRI technology and assistance of Apple AI. The maps are now easily available to developers; rendering continues assistance to the Apple users.
  6. Developers can now take advantage of working on Xcode 8, while testing for debugging, to track leaks, threads, views and potential issues at runtime. Xcode8 gives absolute control over flow and analysis at the time of coding. Bug-fixing is completely easy now as it will help the developers to find and fix the issues really fast.
  7. The application program interface is redesigned and reframed completely.
  8. Apple has completely improved tools that will allow you to fix the errors. The Unit testing, UI testing, Bots, Scripts and Continuous Integration, testing environment with OS X Server are smoother and avoids errors.
  9. The automatic certificate signing will eliminate problems if you have a lot of development or distribution profiles.

There are new programming languages, features of the SDK, Xcode 8. This allows the developers to experiment and enhance productivity. But sometimes there might be limitation like exploring tools and enhancing them. During testing the best tools might have certain limitations and bug fixing in Xcode might not be 100% successful. But there is always huge scope of discovery and innovations.

A developer has the most carried experience of working with iPhone 7 as,

  1. iPhone is easy to use with easy navigations.
  2. The performance in an iPhone is extra ordinary as it provides wonderful graphic performance with easy fluidity.
  3. For its Touch ID sensor and 3D Touch, the device offers hardware and software design together to provide an outstanding experiences.
  4. There are powerful built-in applications that prove the versatility of the device.
  5. With SIRI technology, it proves out to be an intelligent device with quality personification.
  6. The privacy and security of data is highly guaranteed.
  7. The iCloud facility provides unmatchable storage space.
  8. The applications in the device offer continuations of functions and features.
  9. The device has high accessibility and the migrations of data are handled with great efficiency.