Is it Beneficial to Develop a Fantasy Sports App like Dream11?

Is it beneficial to develop a Fantasy sports app like Dream11

Is it Beneficial to Develop a Fantasy Sports App like Dream11?

People in the modern era are highly obsessed with various kinds of sports, which has stimulated businesses to develop advanced sports gaming apps. The traditional model of playing sports games has changed allowing users to earn exciting prizes. The arrival of fantasy sports apps like Dream 11 has given a new dimension to the gaming segment. Fantasy sports apps like Dream 11 have spiced up the race with advanced opportunities for mobile app development. If you are looking to know more details on Fantasy sports apps like Dream 11, then you are at the correct place.

What is a fantasy sports app like dream 11?

A fantasy sports app is different from other types of gaming apps and lets the users gain a real sports experience. But instead of playing in the real world, users get the experience of virtual gaming with chances of earning monetary rewards. Employing the prediction capabilities and game familiarity of the users, apps like Dream 11 bring a great sense of excitement. While players play the game by creating a virtual team of the real game, points are accumulated depending on the real-time performance of selected players. Dream 11 has different types of sports in its features like cricket, NBA, football, hockey, and kabaddi. Even though the app allows multiple sports, cricket in India has millions of users. Development of an app such as dream11 is gaining pace in the market due to the rising interest in fantasy sports.

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Benefits of developing a fantasy sports app like Dream 11:

  • A huge number of sporting events: With the humongous popularity of sports like cricket in India, several events are happening throughout the year. Along with the bilateral, and multinational events, in ODIs, Tests, and T20s, new sensations like IPL give users a chance to gain rewards.
  • Rising segment: Since the fantasy sports app market has started to rise now, it is the best time to grab the attention of users. If you can introduce your best mobile app idea and convert it into a profitable app, then you will surely gain returns within no time.
  • Legal: There is speculation on the legal aspects of these apps among several people. But this concept is purely legal and you will have no worries about starting with the app idea and continuing with the popular trends.

The working mode of Dream11 app:

Choose a match: Once you download and install the app, you will have to register with OTP. After you finish this, you will get a page that consists of the complete list consisting of ongoing matches for you to choose from.

Create a team: Start the game by creating a team consisting of 11 real players who will be playing the match. You will have a budget of 100 credits to form a team of players with certain credits. But you have to select the players among 4 types namely Batsmen (3-5), bowlers (3-5), wicketkeepers (1), and all-rounders (1-3).

Select your Captain and Vice-Captain: Once your team is ready you have to select the captain and vice-captain for your team. These two positions will have more points to be scored for their performance than other players. While the captain will get double the points, the vice-captain will have 1.5 times the points scored.

Creating several teams: A user will have the chance of creating up to 6 teams, but they will have the chance to play the actual game with only one final team.

Changing players: You can shuffle your playing 11 until the actual match starts. Once the match starts you will have no chance to edit it and have to watch for your selected players to perform their best.

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How can you earn profits from a Fantasy app like Dream 11?

Being an app owner, the first thing that will come to your mind is how will you earn profits:

Ads: Ads are the usual modes of gaining profits from the app. Users who love to use the app for free will have the option to view the ads for some mandatory duration. Since an app like Dream 11 has gained several users within no time, ads will give more chances of reaching a greater number of users to gain more profits. There are several types of ads that can be employed in your app as per the design. Speak to your app development partner for finding the best one as per your needs.

Subscription: This is another highly employed model where users can relish the services of the app monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly, etc. They don’t have to pay the entry fee for every match and will get overall discounts for subscribing.

Paid app: This is a fee to be paid for downloading and using the app. It is different from the subscription model and users who are only highly passionate may use the app. If you are starting your brand, then it is not a good choice to employ this model.

Links: partner links are another highly employed method for monetizing the app. This works by offering the links of your partner in the app and if the user makes business via this link, you will get some commission. This will not only increase the profit at steady levels but also provide a mutual advantage for both you and the partner brand.

In-app purchases: Offering in-app purchases by using rewards or external modes of payment is a good way to gain profit. You can also promote loyal customers by offering free discounts and making them use this model for further purchases. 


With fantasy sports gaining popularity in the market like never before, it’s the right time to begin your venture if you are interested in the overall idea. But if you want to gain long term success, then it is key to associate with a creative and expert mobile app development company like Brillmindz technologies, which can bring your thoughts to profitable success.