How Much Does It Cost to Make an App Like MX TakaTak?

How Much Does It Cost to Make an App Like MX takatak

How Much Does It Cost to Make an App Like MX TakaTak?

Video editing apps have been the talk of the town in the modern digital thanks to the advent of advanced smartphones and the easy availability of the internet. Tik Tok was the first of the apps that had turned the tables of this segment by offering exceptional entertainment via their videos. This success has encouraged many users to analyze their way of developing similar video editing apps. With the border tensions and cybersecurity issues, there was a ban on many Chinese apps in India including Tik Tok. This reason along with the support for the make-in-India initiative has led to the development of many Indian apps like MX tak tak that offers all the features similar to Tik Tok. Now due to the pandemic, people are thinking to develop apps like MX TakaTak and other alternatives for Tik Tok so here you can explore all your inquiries including how much does it cost to make an app like MX TakaTak?


What is the MX TakaTak app?

MX TakaTak is the new sensation developed by home-surged OTT service MX player is looked at as an alternative to the TikTok app. It was launched on July 8 this year owing to the huge demand for homegrown apps in India. This app provides users with exciting videos to create, edit, and share across several social media platforms. The videos are spread across multiple ranges like movies, sports, gaming, comedy, sports, workouts, and many more. Its popularity is mainly due to its filters and range of background songs offered to the users.


Main features of the TakaTak app: –

  • Trending list of videos: Loads of trending videos for the users to browse and make dubbed videos.
  • Users can choose to make different types of creative videos by making use of editing features in the app.
  • Saving and sharing the status on social media from the huge list of status videos available in the app.
  • An astounding list of music libraries with picks from the editors.
  • Exceptional video editing options to create different types of videos, merge them, or modify the timings and tones.
  • Beauty camera lets the users select from a wide range of beauty effects and filters while making the videos.
  • The app supports various types of videos like English, Hindi, Kannada, Punjabi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam.


How to make the app stand out in the competition?

Implementing the ideas in the app: With plenty of apps competing for success in the market, it is crucial to perform thorough research on what will be the idea for your app. If you fail to perform this in your initial step, then the next part of development could be terrible. It is evident from the popularity of video editing apps that people of all ages love to shoot their videos on these apps. But it is the fun-loving young generation who love to be immersed in them by shooting creative videos and sharing them on social media. Hence, you have to plan the video editing apps to target them by involving exciting and fun-loving features to keep them interested in the app in the long run.

Features:  Features included in the app will prove to be game-changing elements in the success of the app. These features must be intuitive and user-friendly for them to navigate easily and stick to your app. Again, research is the key aspect in making it easier through the development process and being leading in the market.

MVP version: It is wiser to go with the MVP version of the app as you will get a fair idea of app acceptance in the market. Let the users get accustomed to the app and use their feedback to develop new features accordingly. It will give you a guaranteed idea about the new features that would increase the overall success of the app. The app functionalities must compliment the overall theme and purpose of the app that will lead to the effectiveness of the app in the market.

Uniqueness: Even though there would be many apps with the same idea, ensure that you are not completely copying the app ideas that are existing in the market. Many apps clone the core idea of a successful app and enter the market but succeed only due to the uniqueness of the idea. Create your video editing app uniquely so that is recognizable amidst the huge list of similar apps in the market. Include the advanced features smartly by looking at the budget constraints while also pushing for creativeness in every aspect.

Monetization: The majority of app owners will want to earn profits from their apps. Hence, there must be a monetization plan to earn profits from the app. But executing them poorly will change the app’s purpose while even leading it to failure. It should be a well-judged move to include ideas like in-app purchases, ads, or freemiums in the app.

Integration with Social Media: As every person who makes videos in the app, wants to showcase his talent on social media, this feature needs to be integrated into your app. Almost all types of entertaining apps have social media integration features in the modern digital era. After all, all your exciting features, filters, and songs will have a great chance of reaching new users if they are shared on social media.


How much does it cost to make an app like MX taka tak?

The overall cost of developing an app like MX taka tak is depending on several crucial elements like number and complexity of features, app size, type of platform chosen (Native apps like Android, iOS, Windows, or cross-platform apps), and location of a Mobile app development company.


Bottom line:

Video editing apps like MX takatak have created a storm in the market with exciting features and easily usable functionalities. If you are looking at how much does it cost to make an app like MX takatak, then you have to associate with reliable mobile app development companies in Bangalore like Brillmindz. The company possesses great skills for developing a diverse range of apps and making it successful in the long run. You will be assured to get maximum ROI and reach for your app to lead the competitive market.


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