Android 12: What is New in this Exciting Latest Version?

Android 12 What is new in this exciting latest version

Android 12: What is New in this Exciting Latest Version?

With a significant bunch of usage across the globe, Android forms to be one of the highly leading operating systems across the globe. Due to this, every Android update is received with huge enthusiasm amongst the users. Late last year, the latest operating system Android 12 arrived with great anticipation. Even though there are many similarities to Android 11, it provides more advanced features and performance fixes to enhance the user experience.

Latest updates with Android 12:

Privacy improvements: There has been the addition of several advanced privacy features from Google to offer more clarity and authority. A new indicator on the status bar of the phone will show if the camera or microphone is being used by the phone. It will give you the option of allowing or disabling access for any mobile app to the camera or microphone via Quick settings. Android 12 allows you to hide your location by just feeding the approximate location to the app.

Notifications: Notifications have become more functional and advanced with the release of Android 12. As you hit the notification info there will not be any intermediate service for initiations, but will straightaway start the action. Further, along with smooth design changes as per the Android 12 theme, there will be fast functionalities and navigations with backend changes with a motive to improve the performance. Unnecessary notifications can be snoozed with the latest updates for a period until it is required. With the adaptive notifications feature, you will have the option to restructure the notifications depending on the requirements. Further, you can organize these notifications depending on your likes and necessities.

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Quick settings: As mentioned above, there has been a subtle change in the sync between the notifications and quick settings. As these options are accessed from the top screen, there will not be those small sphere-shaped toggles. In place of the earlier ones, there will be bigger rectangular shapes that were present in the Power menu of Android 11. Moreover, the color arrangement makes it an interesting choice. There has been an additional feature that allows choosing a color depending on the precise wallpaper that is selected. Hence, if the wallpaper is of one color, then even the quick settings will follow the same color scheme. This customizable color combination is allowed to be the same across the feature.

Improved screenshots: Android 12 has introduced scroll screenshot capture. This is highly required if a page is longer than the screenshot captured on a mobile screen. Moreover, there are other options concerning screenshot capture. Screenshot thumbnails can be easily dismissed by swiping them from the mobile screen. Additionally, users are now allowed to type text on the screenshot through the edit function that too uses diverse font colors. Sticking emojis is possible by just touching the small sticker icon with the resizing facility by just using your fingers to zoom.

App Search: The App search feature allows for smooth search inside the mobile app which is highly beneficial for users. This feature lets the users check the required information within any kind of app and returns the search results. While this feature has been available in the Windows operating system for several years, it is new in Android. For instance, you may search for a specific message and the resulting search will show you that specific message without opening the app and following the traditional steps. This is an offline feature that has a huge benefit for the users as they can look for required searches without performing tedious steps. This feature should give quicker results to the user than employing the device search functionality.

Privacy dashboard: Another advanced feature added in Android 12 is the Privacy dashboard that lets you easily check what are the precise permissions accessed by the apps. The dashboard can be accessed from the settings which will show which apps can be used at times when needed. The front part of the dashboard has a descriptive pie chart that showcases all the permission settings which will lead to checks for precise timings. This information can be used as per the need of the user. If the user clicks on the dashboard for particular app information, then it will be taken to that part of the settings where those precise permissions can be turned off. While it may not be used more often by all the users, with accurate information on app permissions, users can make impactful decisions.

Haptic feedback added with audio and selection of audio in the media player: This feature can be found exactly on the gaming consoles when there is a strong activity on the screen leading to a response in the controller. This in-built ability in Android 12 will allow the app developers to make the device vibrate when there is an important activity on the screen. Additionally, there are quick settings available in the media player that allows you to smoothly change the source of the audio. This process is as smooth as just clicking the option and there is a drop-down of the options with all the devices that are connected.

One-handed mode: Another exciting feature added in the Android 12 update is the one-handed mode that can be employed. Starting from the second developer preview, this feature pushes to ease the usage of big-screen devices. Moreover, it has a simple usage to just pull done from the bottom edge of the device making the app to be viewed half the part. This allows for easier reach to the top part of the app especially with the phones of small screens sizes.

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Final thoughts:

There are several other minor additions in Android apart from the ones listed above. You can utilize the latest advancements to enhance your product by associating with a leading android app development firm like Brillmindz. The app engineers are skilled and updated with all the latest mobile app technologies to blend them with innovative approaches for winning the competitive market.