What are the Modern Mobile Design Trends you Need to know for Success in 2022?

What are the modern mobile design trends you need to know

What are the Modern Mobile Design Trends you Need to know for Success in 2022?

The usage of mobile apps has increased like never before, especially since people found its worth during the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. While the usage of mobile apps was already spread across several parts of the globe much earlier, it was the coronavirus outbreak that made the users employ online businesses for the majority of needs.

People employ advanced mobile phone apps for several tasks right from the moment they get up to the point of sleep. Hence businesses have opted for a mobile-first approach to gain the attention of online users. To offer top-notch quality for mobile apps and stay connected with their customers, any firm must offer state-of-the-art designs for their products. Keep reading below to know more about modern design trends in 2022.

AR and VR:

AR and VR are one of the top technological innovations which offer a diverse range of benefits in recreational, educational, business applications, and several others. They are helpful for businesses to cope with the new norm after the outbreak of Covid-19 with the users demanding the application of AR and VR aided User interfaces. With the success of AR and VR in offering high-quality user engagement combined with practicality in virtual modes, they have become a mandatory aspect of mobile app design.


Animations have shown the ability to make the interface look more lively than otherwise. In places where an image is not sufficient or video is irrelevant, animations can add lots of value. Mobile apps can gain the advantage of showing only essential content along with reduced load on the phones. The smartness of using these animations in the right place lies in the smartness of the designers. If implemented well, then animations can sparkle the mobile app UI with attractive elements. The app can draw attention to every important element making them enhance conversions.


Mobile app technology has grown widely to be introduced in almost every industry. Users always want to use an app that solves their routine problems quickly in a unique way. Mobile apps are spread across a wide range of industries with stimulation for users to employ their apps amidst big marketing strategies. Designers across the globe are always looking to give the best design to users by using multiple types of UI UX elements. But care should be taken to give importance to the functionalities combined with appropriate design. Modern users always look for simple design aspects that fulfill their requirements. Hence, designers must showcase the core aspects of the product to the users without the unwanted mess in the interface. The encouragement for minimality will increase in the coming years since users are witnessing data overload and a fast-paced lifestyle. Combining smooth design elements with simple UI UX will make the users attain the required information quickly. This design element will make the users stay connected with the mobile app for longer.

Password-free entry:

With the latest UI UX design, there is a huge trend of password-free entry across all segments. It has been aiding users who feel concerned about remembering their passwords every time. These features include fingerprints, face or voice recognition, biometric recognition, and others. With the use of these advanced features, not only will the users stay relaxed but the system remains secure. This has been encouraging the design elements to use password-free entry across all apps.


Accessibility is one important factor that resolves the issues of specially-abled users. With the advancements in technology, your app can reach long-term success only if it meets the needs of these specially-abled guys. The modern design trends include these aspects for accessibility that will keep them in line with the regular users. Some of the key features include steady navigation, audio, and video accessibility devices, texts with read-aloud ability, high-contrast tones, gesture-based technology, and several others.

Dark Mode:

The dark mode is another highly used design trend in recent years since it resolves many visibility issues. To start with it will surely solve accessibility problems for people with minor visibility problems. It also reduces strain on the eyes of normal people and ensures that users can perform their favourite actions with ease. Users will have the ability to switch between light and dark mode as per their needs. So dark mode is a mandatory option in the mobile app design aspects of 2022.

Split screen:

Having a user-friendly split-screen design opens up a wide range of possibilities for businesses. The main reason for the widespread use of this feature is its impact to carry out multiple functions. While the design trends have been in the market for a few years now, the popularity and way of users have increased in recent days. It is the right solution for businesses to give a multitasking chance to their target customers without closing one functionality. Instead of changing over from one option to another, the user can view the options from one place. Users can view every piece of information, compare them and make the right decision in the moves. The very motive of smartphone apps is to help users in resolving their problems innovatively in a simple manner. A cab booking app is one of the best illustrations of this feature where one can view the details of the ride on one screen while the GPS tracker will be running on another part of the split-screen.

To wrap up:

The importance of having useful features with user-friendly design will not only pull more target customers but also retain existing ones by constant delivery of perfection. This needs the aim of design experts who know the changing trends to be matched with ins and outs of customer needs. Such factors enhance the importance of associating with an expert designer like Brillmindz technologies. Renowned as one of the leading mobile app development companies, the team has developed several profitable apps that have provided maximum ROI for clients.