The best flight-tracking apps for iOS and Android

The best flight-tracking apps

The best flight-tracking apps for iOS and Android

Traveling via flight is become a common thing now with airfares getting lot accessible. It could be more troublesome if you face issues like flight delays, cancellations or selection of seats. If you are planning for a holiday or picking up someone from the airport you are assisted with a variety of mobile apps that provides you many features related to flight activities. You have the power to book tickets at the cheaper process, know the timing of flight landings with accuracy, book meals and manage your luggage options, etc. These flight tracking apps are available for both Android and iOS platforms. Whatever may be the reason for your flight tracking, you will find these apps of greater use. Because of all these benefits, many top organizations are investing in developing such flight-tracking mobile apps. Top mobile app development companies like Brill Mindz give you with the best performing flight tracking mobile apps that turn your tables in gaining profits.

The best flight-tracking apps for iOS and Android:

1.Flight stats:

This list among the top of the flight tracking apps. You will be able to track any flight throughout the world with details of flight number, airport or routes. It has a My flights tab which will save the complete information which may be viewed in the future. A really useful and exciting feature is a real-time flight tracker live map that shows the perfect position of the airplane. There is an option to select from many numbers of features like flight path, weather info, flight path, etc. It also provides the option to share all this information directly from the app to the desired platform. 

2. Track my Flight:

This app is renowned for its ad-free operation and allows you to track any flight across the globe. You can know the arrival and departure schedules along with seat information. This is also the best app of business travellers as it will sync well with the Triplet account. It also has the provision to share the info on any other platform effectively. You can set the departure or arrival reminders so that it would be easy for you to plan your airport travel or pick up someone from the airport. User-friendly push notifications are available for a different type of situations. 

3. Flight Radar:

As the name implies, the most important feature in this app is the live tracking of flights across the world. With the details of any flight, you will have access to its all-round information like route, estimated landing time, current altitude, speed, etc. You can also search by a specific airport to know the current weather conditions and status. This app also provides information about the current pilot view in 3D. It makes the best use of Augmented reality with just pointing of device at the sky where the flight is flying over and getting access to all its info. Subscription options offer more features like further flight history etc.

4. Plane finder:

This app has a very descriptive flight tracking information panel when looking for a particular flight. It has many categories to select from including arrivals, departure, route maps, etc. You can select the seat of your choice with a well-designed seat information section specific to each airline. Selecting a particular seat will provide you with more information regarding the amenities like food and beverages for that specific section. The dedicated navigation section of the aircraft will also help you to identify exit rows and over-wing rows.

5.Flight Aware Flight Tracker:

This app is popular across the USA and Canada regions along with the information on every flight worldwide. It will track charter and private planes in the USA and Canada regions. As in the earlier app, users can look for flight tracking details by aircraft registration, number, routes and other information. The app will provide complete flight information along with a complete display of radar information. With descriptive push notification, you will be alerted with flight-related updates like gate changes, cancellations and any delays.

6. Flight board:

Flight board has a its approach to track any flight across the globe. Along with complete information of departure and arrival timings for almost every airport in the world by updating them with every real-time data. This information will be in sync and help you to access any part of the world within no time. You can easily cancel or modify your flight travel with the ticketing information section. A single touch feature will allow you to switch between all the required flight-tracking information.

7. Plane finder:

This app is very useful with a home page that comprises of a globe map that has a real-time view of the flight route maps. In the top search bar, you can see the descriptive flight data along with their tracking details. With the flight map available on the home page, you can see the information just by clicking on the map. The best part of the global map is that it is customizable for users. They can filter the map with data like aircraft type, airline, etc. There are also luggage tracking options so that you can easily find your bags if they go missing during your travel.

8. Google flight tracker:

There’s no need to depend on a particular flight tracking app if you’re looking for rapid information about a particular flight. If you know the details like flight number, just enter it into the Google search console and a swift piece of its status will display in the search results.

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