PlayStation 5: price, release date, and detailed features

PlayStation 5: price, release date, and detailed features

PlayStation 5: price, release date, and detailed features

India has a large number of game lovers with PlayStation games having a special fan base. ‘The Future of Gaming’ PlayStation reveal event on June 11 was much anticipated one for the passionate gamers. The event saw the revelation of official looks, updated console, and the announcement of advanced games. But there was no mention of any particular launch date and PlayStation 5 price though Sony announced that they are targeting the “holiday 2020” period.

PlayStation 5: Price:

PlayStation 5 has gained the attention of game lovers across the globe after it disclosed advanced games, designs, and digital versions. But there was no mention of the official price in the event. Recently a guy Ben Geskin revealed the price leak of PS5 at EUR 499 on the Amazon France portal. This listing was taken back instantly but the screenshot of the activity was posted in his twitter handle. It also showed the price information for the cheaper digital version.

Release date:

Even though the PS% event did not mention the exact date for the launch, they revealed that it will happen in the holiday season this year. But the screenshot shared by Ben Geskin showed that Amazon France listing mentioned release date as November 20th, 2020. Even though the Amazon listing date matches with the Sony “holiday 2020” timeline, it can’t be treated as authentic. Adding to this, Amazon France spokesperson contradicted this listing while he spoke to a technical magazine. He mentioned, “The screenshot showing a PS5 product page on with a price of 499€ and a release date on November 20 is a fake and is not coming from our website.”

PS5 Features:

Sony has planned to reveal all the features in a series of events leading to the launch. The recent June 11 event saw the showcase of some of the features in the console, advanced design, and specifications.

Dual sense Controller:

This was the most expected feature of the PS5 event. There were a lot of state-of-the-art features and developments seen in this controller. Important ones are:

Haptic feedback

This replaces the ‘rumble’ technology and offers a wide range of innovative sensations while playing. The players will get a real sense of variations in blocking/tackling in a football match or slashing through the mud in car racing. Sony has the aim of providing a new sense of touch while the players get immersed in a wide range of gaming activities.

Adaptive triggers:

One more innovative feature to reduce the stress on users are L2 and R2 buttons. Game developers will have the liberty to customize the resistance of the triggers. This will provide a unique experience for players while they perform any exciting activity on various games. Triggers and haptics combination will deliver innovative sensation in replicating the real-time experience.

Create button:

The previous Share button is replaced by the latest Create button. Players will be able to create an innovative idea and incorporate it into the game with the option of sharing it.

Incorporated microphone: An advanced in-built microphone will allow constant communication with fellow players.

PS5 SSD storage:

PlayStation 5 will have an 825 GB SSD instead of a hard drive. This increase in size was much anticipated with the fast game loading capacity. Many new features in the advanced games will be supported and the user will be able to suspend several games at once. A player will not have to load the games from the beginning if he ever wants to return to the previous point. These features when combined with faster game loading capacity will provide a stimulating experience for the user. There are still speculations that it may still not be enough to support some ultra-modern games. There is an option to connect an external hard drive to enhance the storage. It is still not sure if this could be done by replacing the 825GB SSD or adding an extra drive. 

Other Accessories:

PS5 event included the revelation of many modern accessories along with the latest features and special digital version. They will add up in enhancing the overall experience for the gamers. There is a list of some first-party accessories that will come with PS5, such as the Pulse 3D wireless headset for audio, Charger, and stand for the Dual Sense controller, a camera, and media remote. The Move controllers for PS VR will get a dual 1080p lens camera. It will be required to showcase the users on the screen in their gaming activities.


The latest UI will include some designs that performed well on the PS4 along with some latest changes. Sony told me that they want to felicitate a hassle-free design that aids users for easy navigation and functions.

PS5 exclusive games: Many games are cross-over between Ps4 and PS5 with a lot of excitement for the game enthusiasts. Some games will be launched along with the PS5 release but some will be in 2021. Several games were announced in the event like GTA 5, Resident Evil Village, Gran Turismo 7, Horizon forbidden West, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Ghostwire: Tokyo, Goodbye Volcano High, Bugsnax, Jett: The Far Shore, Stray, etc. games. Many crossover games have been coupled with advanced graphics, features and there are new entries with exciting content.

Digital version: 

Along with the Showcase of the latest PS5 console, Sony also unveiled a special digital version of PS5. This digital version had no disc drive with a plan to support digital games. It gave a solid message that designers are planning to introduce future versions without physical media.

Bottom line:

PS5 revealing event showcased the latest console that includes innovative features for users from the previous versions. With the presentation of the digital version, it has raised a new set of expectations and opportunities for developers. If you are looking to develop any kind of game with thrilling and rich feature experience, associate with Brill Mindz. They have been one of the top game development companies in India, with proven skills and user-friendly service.