20 Most Promising Mobile App Ideas for Start-ups

Mobile App Ideas for Start up

20 Most Promising Mobile App Ideas for Start-ups

Mobile apps are essential elements in the daily lives of modern individuals. Hence, every type of business is finding it to be vital to have its presence on mobile apps. It is evident that if you do not make use of mobile apps then you will fail to expand your brand in the competitive market. But it is necessary to have fresh ideas for developing mobile apps in any type of industry. Developing creative app ideas that haven’t been made regularly will ensure long-term success for start-ups.

20 Most Promising Mobile App Ideas for Start-ups:

Below are trending app ideas for start-ups that could be implemented for guaranteed profit.

1.Health Care and Telemedicine:

Telehealth has been the lifeline of healthcare during this Coronavirus outbreak. Healthcare mobile apps let the doctors examine the patients and screen them for particular issues. With the option of remote consultation, video calling, and online medicine delivery, it reduces the risk of infection and saves valuable time.

2.Translation App:

Many people travel to any foreign destinations but face difficulties without knowing the languages. An app may help them to translate the words to their language with user-friendly features and functionalities.

3.Virtual reality (VR) app:

Virtual reality has not been confined to the entertainment field now. It has been diverse industries like education, marketing, healthcare, travel, journalism, real estate, automotive, interior designing, and many more.

4.Travel Suggestion App:

People across the world might have been stuck in one place due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But once the situation gets better, the travel industry will rise like phoenix and people would be looking for suggestions for their travel.

5.Cooking Assistant App:

This is an evergreen idea to make an app that offers unique cooking recipes for enthusiasts. Such apps would be in high demand at all times with people always looking for new recipes and enhancing the existing ones.

6.On-Demand Car Wash App

This idea will be beneficial for both owners and customers. Owners will get guaranteed customers and customers will get the option to schedule the wash at their convenience. This app idea will be profitable across all parts of the globe.

7.Live Training App:

Online live training apps were existing for a few years. But in the times of lockdowns, these app ideas for students were beneficial to continue their education and also for certain professional training classes. This is a highly demanded app idea and is certain to be successful.

8. Finding a Public Transport App: 

This type of app will provide information about the most appropriate public transport option. This is a useful idea for people who are busy commuters as it reduces their hassles.

9. No Brokerage App:

This app is beneficial for both landlords and tenants without interruption of brokers. Landlords can find interested tenants and tenants can avoid the hassles of going round the location for their requirements. It will also allow effective communication between them regarding any documentation, repair works, rents, leases, etc.

10.On-Demand Services App:

On-demand apps help find routine services like electricians, taxis, food delivery, shopping, cleaning, plumbing, etc. People across the globe will surely use this app if it is useful for their essential services.

11.Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is a highly used solution for many modern daily services. Smart security solutions, parking systems, healthcare monitoring, wireless sensors, music systems, water administration systems use these services.

12.Book Recommendations:

There are constant book lovers across all parts of the globe. During the times of lockdowns, there was a substantial increase in book lovers and related book review sites. You could develop an app that allows people to have a look at the reviews of any specific book of their choice.

13. Assisting elders:

Elders will need constant monitoring in their routine tasks, reminders about the medicines, and other bill payments. An app could fulfil these requirements and also help them to take care of their diets appropriately.


Game app ideas is a known business, but many people would be finding it difficult to find suitable partners to their games. You could develop an app that will suggest not just online gaming enthusiasts but also bring together a bunch of individuals who are interested to play real games.

15. Online course:

The plan for the app is to provide a chance for people who are skilled to give courses in any specific field. This will be helpful for both teachers and people who are interested to enhance their skills for a boost in their career.

16.Personal Budget App: 

Many people struggle to maintain their routine finances. They may find it tedious to handle it manually. An app could rescue them by managing all their finances and associate with them for longer periods.

17. Barter Exchange App:

This type of app would allow people to exchange idle goods like clothes, any tools, gadgets, toys, etc. A traditional idea that would never fade off in society.

18.Interests and hobbies:

People have diverse hobbies and interests but find it difficult to associate with like-minded individuals. This app would aid in getting them together by forming a united community.

19. Language learning:

You could develop an app to learn any language of his choice by entering a word or audio and get relevant information. The results could be made available in text, audio, or video format and the idea would never go out of trend.

20Tax app:

The tax calculation for individuals has always been a tedious task. The app will help them to calculate tax according to their income. Blockchain apps are gaining good momentum which will ensure you have good profits.

Bottom line:

Even if you possess exciting new ideas for mobile apps, the success of the app is reliant on how you implement the ideas. This is possible with association with reliable mobile app development companies like Brill Mindz. They will provide Android and Mobile App Ideas for Start up and ensure the success of the brand in the competition.