How to Manage Downtime in Mobile App Development?

How to manage downtime in mobile app development

How to Manage Downtime in Mobile App Development?

In the exciting era of the digital process, businesses are employing mobile apps to reach their customers and earn revenue. In such a situation, irrespective of your business niche, mobile apps will experience downtimes in their journey. Both unplanned and planned downtimes are the part and parcel of the product life cycle, each one needs smart strategies to offer successful outcomes. The negative impact of downtime can be eased to a maximum extent as there is a need for an advanced strategy to guarantee that the team members are not impacted largely. By following some smart tricks and advanced technology, businesses can withstand downtime to increase efficiency in the process.

Tips to manage downtime in mobile app development:

Preventive maintenance:

Your mobile app development team will understand your app has to be coded smartly and tested thoroughly to ensure that there are no or minimal defects in development. Even then there are situations of facing issues in the production environment during various scenarios. By having scheduled preventive maintenance through updates, you can ensure maximum benefit to the users while also reducing the chances of errors. With the advancement in mobile app development technology, there has also been an unfortunate increase in the intensity of cyber security threats. Moreover, there is a need for this constant preventive maintenance to ensure a secured environment for user data and complete business information. Usually, this approach will showcase better chances to enhance the performance in your product performance or design aspects. In case of any unplanned errors, this maintenance cycle can be run to resolve the issue before they create havoc in the system.

Identify the problem areas and find a solution for any known limits:

Irrespective of any industry, it is easier to repair the issues if you understand the problem areas accurately. If you are aware of the issue in a particular area of the process, then you can develop a specific plan to overcome them while meeting the deadlines. Your employees should be educated regularly about the advanced methods employed for maintenance which forms a major part of ensuring they stay updated. Since the team will be ready with the solution, they can face downtime without any hiccups.

Find smart tactics: 

Usually, enthusiastic development teams will always look for crafting advanced features in the product according to user expectations. This may include profitable strategies that will take your product to the next level in the market. Despite this, the team may not have ample bandwidth to execute the idea during the regular process. But with downtime handled properly, the team will get extra time to explore smart tactics to improve the product. But in the current competitive market, it is important to concentrate on yielding revenue for the venture. The time spent on analysis during downtime should be worthy enough to provide value for the project.

Revisit the metrics at regular intervals:

Businesses depend on metrics to analyse business growth and act to offer the best service to their customers. With the advancements in technology, metrics can become outdated with time for reviewing various aspects. Hence it is key to find out the existing metrics and be sure if they are still relevant in your venture. Downtimes are the best time to analyse the old data or the included process in your system. Since you cannot plan for new strategies during other times, downtime could be the best time to plan well for your next iteration.

Work on Backlog:

Usually, the modern business process follows the agile mode of development having sprints at regular intervals. Hence, you should categorize the backlogs for working on them in the planned sprints. If planned well, then downtime could be the best time for working on the backlogs while making them fruitful. If the team has extra time to work on the next venture, you can raise the productivity of the team in coming ventures. Moreover, this will not only save time but once the downtime has ended, then you can execute the tasks smoothly. In both ways, you can ensure that the creativity of the team members is not impacted while they execute the tasks smoothly. Further, as you begin working on the venture, you can ensure to eliminate the possible problems and doubts in the process. With smart preparations, you can meet the deadlines with a total guarantee.

Communication with customers:

An ideal plan that you can execute during the time downtime is to develop fruitful communication with your customers. Usually, as the product grows, there will be the addition of features and functionalities along with customer data. As you develop advanced features there are possibilities that you will not work on precise customer requirements. During downtime, you can match the flaws in the process and blend them with repair actions that resolve the customer’s pain point. Understand the user feedback to see which are the accrual areas they are looking for improvement. This will also help you to get a clear understanding of the latest market trends which makes you closer to the users. In a varying app development market, the businesses that communicate well with the users will stay constantly relevant.

Work on pending technical upgrades:

As mentioned earlier, you may be living with technical limitations with some workarounds. This may work for short periods but come back to hit strongly in the future. Usually, even the smart teams tend to neglect pending technical upgrades due to the pressure of delivery until the arrival of mandatory requirements. You can employ the downtime period to handle these needs while preparing for unplanned downtimes in the future.

Final thoughts:

While unplanned downtimes can be handled with proper preparation and maintenance regimes, planned downtime can be employed to enhance the opportunity in the favour of your business. You will be guaranteed to reach success if you associate with a mobile app development company in Bangalore like Brillmindz technologies which are successfully handling mobile app products for over a decade.