How to Increase the Virality of Mobile Apps?

How to increase the virality of mobile apps

How to Increase the Virality of Mobile Apps in 2023?

In the field of the mobile app development market, there is a strong rivalry among the brands which makes it tougher to mark your brand value. With numerous types of apps arriving in the app stores every day, not every app will not be popular among users. If the users become aware of the app and get attracted to its functions or features, then they will download it to install it. But with the easy availability of the internet and advanced smartphones, every app can be viral or become a failure. With such importance, how to increase the virality of mobile apps to gain success?

Tips to increase the virality of mobile apps:

Target market research: The basic intention of any mobile app is to resolve the user’s pain points easily. Hence, it is key to know the target market before executing any kind of marketing activity. If you want the app to be relevant then it is important to give what the audience is expecting. You can conduct a market survey from the users for gaining deep insights into user behaviors. Executing the marketing techniques as per the relevance of target users will aid in ensuring that the virality of the app will always be on a higher note.

Excellent Onboarding: Usually, app owners focus on including all those advanced features in the app but tend to add that extra bit of caution in the onboarding process. While it is important to add advanced features to the app, smooth onboarding forms an important element of your app’s success. It is rightly said that the first impression is the best impression which raises the bar for app owners to implement excellent onboarding for their users. There should not be an element of complexity that hinders the users from continuing with the app for longer.

Conduct timely competitor analysis: App marketing ideas not only come from within the team but also from the competitor products. What are the steps taken by competitors in the same niche to promote their app and their results could give you a hint for your strategies? You can gain insights to improve the marketing techniques depending on the product type and business motives. You can figure out what works best for your app and execute accordingly.

Reviews and Ratings from customers: Modern online customers love to rate and review the product or services they use on various platforms. Hence these two factors form an important element from the customer’s point of view to enhance the virality element. Every review must be addressed properly as a customer fulfillment quotient. You must give special attention to negative reviews and address them before the user raises the escalations to the next level. Since users can always change their negative reviews to positive ones, the app team can address their pain points to encourage this transformation. Adapting genuine user feedback and including them in the product will make them pleased

App store optimization: You may be aware of the importance of (SEO) Search Engine Optimisation for enhancing the visibility of a website. Similarly, (ASO) App store optimization is key for making the app stand out in the stores that are home to several apps across your category. There are several crucial strategies employed for making the app stay unique in the crowd. One among them is analyzing and using relevant keywords in the app at important places like titles, descriptions, etc. When the users look for their requirements with these keywords, they will find your product in the top positions of the app stores. This will showcase your app to the users and if they find it to be relevant, then it will increase the number of downloads.

Social media platform sharing:  In the current online era, one cannot neglect the ability to employ social media sharing abilities in the app. Irrespective of the type of your app, you need to get this functionality integrated into the product. The current online favored user would love to share his app-related information on several social media platforms. This will increase your visibility to the user connections giving you a free marketing platform. But you must ensure that the functionalities are of top-quality to fulfill the needs of users.

Push notification: Push notifications in mobile apps are the free marketing aspect for any type of business. While they can help you to reach the users as per your choice, they also possess the chance of irritating the users if done repetitively. You can reach a huge group of your target audience with just a click of a button. Several studies have proven that push notifications have a great ability to make your users proactive in acting. It is highly beneficial for businesses that are on a tight marketing budget. If you are looking to reach a wider group of target customers with minimal marketing resources then employing push notifications smartly should be a key element of your strategy.

Connect with your community: You are establishing close relationships with your customer community forms to be a crucial aspect of increasing the virality of the mobile app. This could be performing interactive sessions in online mode or even going a step further to engage them through events physically. In the current era, organizing smart contests and focussing on campaigns will give you a big boost in marketing. These campaigns should be focused on introducing concepts that work best for your product. People will feel connected with your brand and stay loyal for a long time to make you stay ahead.

To wrap up:

It is not enough to just develop an app and expect it to reach maximum levels of virality without some smart moves from your side. If you have the guidance of an expert mobile app development company in Bangalore like Brillmindz technologies then you can expect to get effective results. With a dynamic team of experts, you will get the assurance of gaining maximum ROI for your product.