What is the Effect of the Foldable Phones Trend on App Development?

Effect of the Foldable Phones Trend on App Development

What is the Effect of the Foldable Phones Trend on App Development?

Foldable phones are creating a new sensation in the global market with the release of the latest models. While the trend is still in the early stages, the kind of features and functionalities it has to offer gives solid value to users. Due to these exciting factors, the mobile app development segment is looking to give exciting apps to attract customers. Since the trend is taking an upward trajectory, there is a huge influence on app development. But, is the impact only on working with the design of the resulting mobile apps? It’s more than that. Keep reading the article below for details.

Things to consider for foldable mobile app development:

Different states of foldable phones:

There are mainly two states of design concerning the operating state of foldable devices. The two states are folded (cover display) and unfolded state (main display). App designers must consider both states while outlining the UX UI elements for the app.

  • Folded state: In this kind of foldable state, the phone will function as the traditional smartphone that can be easily operated with one hand.
  • Unfolded state: In this type of state, the phone will take the form of a tablet which gives a new experience for customers. This additional screen area can be employed to offer enriched content or new experience in the app design.

Both states of the phone namely unfolded and folded states give a unique user experience. There is a significant change in the user experience when the device is operated in both modes. This makes it important for considering the design elements in both cases, In the folded state, the phone looks like a traditional smartphone that can be operated with a single hand. The device looks larger in the unfolded state which will require the help of both hands to be operated. Mobile app developers must consider both these aspects while drafting the technical and design elements right from the scratch.

Multi Window: 

Users will be able to perform several additional tasks simply by using foldable devices. Since the unfolded state of the device offers a huge screen, users will get a huge opportunity for using the multi-window features. Hence, apps can be designed keeping in mind these factors and give additional functionalities to the users. It will aid the users to use the app for longer as they can easily perform multiple tasks.

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Smooth Functionality:

As there will be a change in the way users operate the app, developers must guarantee that there should not be any flaws in the functionality. The competition is going to increase, and the only way you can develop trust with your customers is by giving smooth operations. This will mainly include testing the app for additional cases in every iteration. Further, app developers must also consider the features to be compatible across different manufacturers.

Designing Foldable Features:

Regardless of the exciting feature you develop, it will not be utilized to its full extent, if not compatible with the multi-state functionalities. As mentioned above, foldable devices will have one bigger and one smaller screen size. There should be a detailed study on the adaptability of features concerning the changing screen size or manufacturers. The app interactions and behavioural forms must get special consideration regardless of the type of feature you are looking to include in the app. An expert developer will know which are the best features in a respective industry that can create a mark in the minds of users.

Consistent user Experience:

Regardless of the type of app, customers will always look for a consistent user experience. Hence, an important point while developing apps for foldable devices is to ensure that the app offers a consistent user experience in both folded and unfolded states. The content must be ready to adjust the same screens as they are used in either folded or unfolded states. Resizing the on-screen content accurately forms a major task for the app development team.

Improved Graphics Interaction:

As the advanced foldable devices from various manufacturers have the best resolution, graphics will have a straight impact on the user experience. There is a significant change in the way apps interact with the smartphone than the ones in the traditional types. App engineers must design and build apps that function well with the foldable devices of different creators especially in using suitable graphics according to the resolution.

Check the Screen Ratios:

Screen ratios are crucial being part of the UI and UX aspects, along with the screen resizing features. Further, even if you have a well-developed resizing feature, the screen ratio is crucial to accommodate various versions and manufacturers of foldable devices. Both the unfolded and folded states must be made adjustable for your app pages. Moreover, the app functionalities must be perfect while adjusting to the screen ratios. Since the users will be new to using the feature, it is key to give an experience that is smooth and free of errors.

Perfect Resizing:

Foldable phones from most manufacturers come with a mode that is adjustable for multiple window modes and resizing. The design will also have a screen that will be lit up as it is closed, so the app must be ready for accommodating smaller screens. The app engineers should keep exploring all available options in the advanced technology for revolutionizing the folded and unfolded states.

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Wrapping up:

Foldable devices have entered the market with a bang and the trend looks promising. Due to the positive impact, more users are looking to buy them to experience the foldable screen features. Hence, foldable devices are surely going to rule the market with a strong impact on the smartphone market. Being a business owner, if you are looking to gain an advantage by investing in the foldable phone segment, this is the best time. Begin your journey by associating with an expert mobile app development company in Bangalore like Brillmindz technologies, who are a formidable name in the mobile app development industry.