Clubhouse – a new sensation in India

Clubhouse a new sensation in India

Clubhouse – a new sensation in India

The revolution of smartphones and related apps has heavily impacted the lives of people and changed it to a great extent. While several apps hit the market, only a few of them succeed in winning the competition. The clubhouse is one such successful app that was introduced and has emerged to fame during the outbreak of the pandemic. As people across the globe were confined to their homes due to lockdowns, this app has made them engage effectively. India has been listed among the top markets for Clubhouse within no time as per the reports from senior company officials. So, how did it achieve this success? Continue reading to know.

About Clubhouse app:

The clubhouse is a social networking app founded by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth in 2020, providing a way for unique interaction among people. Once a user downloads and opens the Clubhouse app after they get the invite, they are shown a big list of virtual rooms. Every virtual room consists of a group of speakers who can discuss any topic of their choice. There will be other members who will only be listeners to the conversations between the speakers. The complete operations will be dependent only on audio-chats while the users can move to any available rooms with the topic of their choice. They can request the moderators to act as a speaker in these rooms or they can also create a room of their choice.

This is a unique mobile app as users don’t have to worry about the place they are present, or what clothes they are wearing since there will not be the usage of the feature. The app started only for iOS users but with the introduction to Android, the number of users reached to the highest levels in India. Every person can just download the app and reserve a username but will require an invite from another clubhouse user to join and start participating. The mandatory need to invite is required since the clubhouse is looking to develop a steady community for developing features that aids in handling a huge group of people. You cannot delete the Clubhouse account inside the app but you can interact with the app and request to delete the data.

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Why did Clubhouse become highly popular?

  • The clubhouse had the highest reach in the market which was extraordinary for an invite-only app in the 2021 generation. This was aided by the Covid-19 period when people were confined to their homes and conversations were limited to phones. It was the right time when the app was launched and it created a sensation by letting group conversations an easy job. Once people knew the working of this app, several of them were highly looking to quickly download it and reserve their name.
  • Another crucial aspect of this app is it does not make use of a camera so users need to worry about the ambiance and appearance. Users can easily scroll through the list of topics from the people they follow or interests, and join the discussion. There will not be any restrictions on the subjects and users can take the communications aspirations to the next level.
  • Any person can speak with a celebrity or a popular influencer on social media by joining a room of their choice. Another attractive part of Clubhouse is its simple design aspects that are favourable for all types of users. Any person who sends the invite to a particular user will be seen in the nominated section of the user. Hence there are chances of reaching more people as your profile will be shown to all those who follow that particular person.

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Essential features needed in the Clubhouse app:

  • Total number of invitations that can be sent to your known ones
  • a search section that is needed to search for rooms or topic clubs.
  • Notifications to alert the actions in the rooms about various things like actions in the rooms, new followers and many more.
  • A scheduler or calendar that shows all the events in the app classified as general events or interested ones you are following.
  • Information in the scroll down about all events that are ongoing and scheduled in a day.
  • A user profile with descriptions and a list of followers.

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Factors that affect the cost of developing an app like Clubhouse:

  1. App Platform:

The cost of developing an app for Android is more about iOS due to the number of devices needed to be tested on the Android platform. If the users are spread across different platforms, then the majority of business owners go for a hybrid model of app development.

  1. App Design:

Designers will have to look at the latest trends and competitor products to develop the best design for the users. Hence, if the need is for engaging design that is simple yet effective, then you have to get a skilful designer who will cost considerably.

  1. Development Team

You can choose either freelancer or a complete app development company for your project. While freelancers may cost you less, the availability and on-time delivery will not be an easy job since there will be individual freelancers to be considered. If you select a reliable mobile app development company, then you can ensure to get an effective final product at a reasonable cost. An app development company will have a major part to play in the success of the app.

  1. Features

Every type of feature will need specific time and resources for its final development. Including exciting features will enhance the richness but will enhance the budget of the final product. Hence, the selection of features is crucial if you are looking at the budget as a constraint.

Final thoughts:

If you are searching for a leading mobile app development company in Bangalore, India to build an app like Clubhouse then look nowhere else than Brillmindz. With a bunch of talented app engineers, you are bound to earn maximum ROI with enhanced brand value.