5 UX Practices that improves your experience of using e-commerce website

5 UX Practices that improves your experience of using e-commerce website

5 UX Practices that improve your experience of using an e-commerce website

E-commerce is an online transaction of buying and selling. Electronic commerce or e-commerce attracts various technologies like mobile commerce, electronic fund transfer, supply chain management, internet marketing, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange, inventory management systems, and automated data collection systems.

E-commerce businesses employ a few traits like websites for retail sales direct to consumers, sharing in online markets that own third-party business to consumer and consumer to consumer to consumer sales, purchasing and trading of business to business, collecting and using analytical details of contacts available in web and social media. It also encompasses marketing to potential and established customers by e-mail or fax and also circulates the information of new products and services. Online financial currency exchanges and the trading purposes are also available in electronic commerce.

When E-commerce is all about online presence the UX designs should be taken into account by the app developers for improved experience of using e-commerce websites. The UX designs should be captivating enough so that it will be successful in attracting potential customers.


  1. Easy navigation – One of the most convincing experiences of the audiences in the electronic commerce websites are the easy navigation that will direct the audience to the exact requirement and the shoppers will be able to select the product as per their requirement. Easy navigation provides right guidance to the audience. The audience will keep coming back to the website once that know and find that the website is actually offering them the right guidance for choosing the right product.
  2. Fresh and Dedicated designs – Through online e-commerce websites, customers conducts many transactions. Hence, if the display page does not provide the proper insight of the products, one will never find interest to buy the products. The designs usually provide ample space for the product to be displayed on the page. The designers focus on design to provide clear view of the products and are usually much dedicated one.
  3. The photography makes a difference – When we wish to select any product, we rely on visual display of the product. The visual merchandise is one of the interesting things to attract the customers. Now switch on to the display panel of e-commerce, I am sure nobody will be interested to buy the product if we do not get exact and adequate glimpse of the product. In case of apparel, footwear, jewellery, etc., you will surely want to know about the material and style to decide on purchase. The great photography can guarantee appealing view of the products for the customers to decide for the transaction.
  4. The product should have proper details – Mentioning the details of the products are perhaps most dicey task. In certain cases it could be misleading and might not be worth purchasing. If visually it is not satisfying enough, the product description can actually help to decide on the purchase or transaction. In case of purchase one will surely rely on visual display of the product as well as the product description. The basic trait of product description ideally is to offer adequate information in most uncluttered and organised
  5. Open designs for various platforms – With ever growing technical trend in the market, 85% consumer feels that mobile applications are the fastest and the most convenient way of shopping. The e-commerce in the current time has witnessed upsurge of use of mobile applications. The application developers in order to meet the growing requirements of applications always attempts to develop the most user friendly application packed with UX features for superior customer experiences. The applications are hence, developed into most open source designs to successfully run on all the operating systems and derive the responsive results.

These 5 UX practices highly influence the use of e-commerce website with guaranteed customer experiences.