07 Jan 2020
classified mobile app development

Best Classified Mobile App Development Company Classified Mobile App Development Company|A classified website or mobile app is an application that allows you to buy, sell or rent property, pets, furniture, books, computers, healthcare, etc. While a shopping online site is mainly a B2C platform where industries sold to consumers, a classified app from B2C, B2B […]

06 Jan 2020
gps software development company

GPS Tracking software Development in India   GPS Tracking Software Developers in India |The global positioning system is a radio frequency ecosystem developed to connect with satellites with grounded stations. It is used to get required insights into real-time tracking vehicles that you are looking to track every time. Due to such fleet management services […]

03 Jan 2020

CRM Software Development Companies Dubai ,Software solutions for customer relationship management (CRM) are the main aspect of business activities. Today’s business world has changed its direction, and its dimension is driving business innovation with the emergence of innovations and management systems. The Company for CRM Design has an important role to play here. BrillMindz offers […]

31 Dec 2019
Travel mobile App Development

Travel mobile app development|Are you an urge to wander? Need a friend of travel? The applications for travel can be one. From booking flights to booking hotels, from looking for attractions to getting directions, from reading feedback to making recommendations, our app does everything. With the technology almost blurring global borders, travel is becoming one […]

27 Dec 2019
How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App like Big Basket?

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App like Big Basket?|Online grocery mobile applications provide a detailed and free shopping option which is why it is highly widespread among the masses. With the advent of the latest technology, retailers are having a great time selling food items including vegetables, fruits, beverages, staples, groceries and […]

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an Elearning App

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an elearning app like MeritNation? E-learning is the constant new ringing bell in education in recent years. With the world moving rapidly into a technology focussed way, all the segments are being influenced by the flow. Gone are the days where the student needed to learn about every […]

18 Dec 2019
how much does it cost to develop ecommerce app like instashop

How much does it cost to develop an ecommerce app? Anyone enjoys shopping in this digital age? There’s a tendency for many people to pick up items. And when it comes to fast-moving consumer goods or food items, they make sure they have all the crucial items in their household and storehouse. Today, with digital […]