Why Your Car Wash Business Needs an On-demand App?

Why Your Car Wash Business Needs an On-demand App

Why Your Car Wash Business Needs an On-demand App?

The advent of smartphones and related apps have transformed the lives of people significantly. People are dependent on mobile apps for the majority of tasks in their routine life. On-demand mobile apps have gone a step further with their provision of providing service at the doorsteps of the customers. With the outbreak of the Corona-virus pandemic, customers want a secure and doorstep service of everything. People are not preferring to go out of their homes with lockdowns in place and the risk of getting infected from the virus. The car wash business is a type of business that is very useful for customers who want to keep their cars clean. Traditionally, car owners consider heading to their nearby car wash station to get it cleaned. It will require to go through the process of waiting in the queue on the rush weekends. But, on-demand car wash apps have transformed the industry and has proven beneficial for both owners and customers. Customers can book the service according to their requirements and owners can take the orders with a commitment to give detailed service for the customers.

Why Your Car Wash Business Needs an On-demand App?

Increases the efficiency of the business:

You would have tried many ways to increase the efficiency of your business. It may be via advertisements at various channels or by giving any offers to customers. But you will get the enhancement in the efficiency of your car wash business with the adaptation of the on-demand app. It will offer you ample opportunities to reach your target customers while uplifting your brand value like never before.

Ease of convenience for your customer: 

As people are looking for convenience in all types of tasks, an on-demand car wash app will aid them in their goals. They could use this service by sitting at their homes and save on their time and money. The car wash personnel pick up the car from their location or they perform the cleaning process at your location according to your wish.

Hence, an on-demand car wash app will be beneficial for both owners and customers especially while the world is adjusting to the new-norms of Covid-19.

Operation of on-demand Car Wash app:

Below are the steps of operating workflow of an on-demand car wash app:

  • Sign-up and log in by providing authentications (Gmail, phone number, social media credentials, etc.)
  • Select the type of car wash required.
  • Schedule the order.
  • Personnel will arrive at your destination and complete the order.
  • Once the job is done, the user will receive the payment status.

Essential Features to be included in the car wash App:


 Scheduling is the most important feature of any on-demand mobile app. Users should be able to schedule the order without any issue. They should be able to see nearby service stations that are available to take orders. The process must be simple with not many navigations.

Selecting locations: 

The app must show the location selection option for users if in case they are on the move and want to visit a service station. It is also useful for owners if they are having stations at multiple locations as they will be more accessible. 

Car Wash Package:

The service station owners would love to offer various types of car wash packages to the users dependent on their choice. Packages like Body wash, Complete wash, or specific cleaning services must be allowed to be scheduled in the app. The average time to complete this service should be given and expected delivery time should be displayed.


Once the user has scheduled the car wash, he should be able to track the process related to the arrival of service professionals to their location. If they have scheduled pick-up and drop options, then they should be known once the jib is complete and time for dropping the vehicle.


Once the task is completed, the user should get the payment notification for the package chosen. The app must offer all types of payments such as credit/debit cards, net banking, UPI, etc. The payment process must be complete smoothly without any issues.

Cost estimation: 

The user must know the estimated cost for a car wash once he chooses a specific type of package that is suitable for his type of car. Depending on the amount and service, the user must be allowed to select the type of package according to his requirement.

Accepting orders: 

A service station owner must be able to take or reject any order that is demanded by the user. The app should have the provision for the owner to inform the user if the selected date and timings are fine with them or not.

Feedbacks and ratings: 

The user must have the option to rate and provide feedback to the service station and a particular technician if they are included in the app. This will be helpful for both owners and other users to choose accordingly.


Car wash service station owners can provide any offers or discounts for specific packages during some special occasions.


Users may face any issue during the process or they want to provide feedback about any service, then the app must assist them with their support. It is very crucial to expanding the brand by providing optimal customer satisfaction.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Car Wash?

The cost of your on-demand car wash mobile app development will depend on many factors like platform you select, configurations, features you include, UX/UI designs you opt for, and finally, on the company, you hire for building your app.

Bottom line:

Technology has transformed the way of doing business with the advent of mobile apps in all types of industries. Car wash on-demand mobile app development has been a boon to the industry with its benefits to both owners and customers. But you have to careful in choosing reliable mobile app development companies in Bangalore such as Brillmindz for ending up with a successful app.