Top Mobile Apps Deployed by the Government to Track the Pandemic

Top Mobile Apps Deployed by the Government to Track the Pandemic

Top Mobile Apps Deployed by the Government to Track the Pandemic

Coronavirus is continuing its spread across the globe with the number of cases are increasing every day. As there is no vaccine or medicine for the epidemic, governments across the globe have imposed lockdowns across the countries to stop the outbreak and are providing essential services to homes. This battle against the Coronavirus pandemic has observed heavy dependence on modern technology. Governments, healthcare organizations, and all other helping agencies are employing the use of technology to fight this epidemic. India, that is the second-largest population in the world is not different as both center and state governments have built, many mobile apps by associating with private companies. These apps help governments to track the quarantine people, the number of cases for every region, aid people in managing health, respond to symptoms, and other crucial requirements.


Top Mobile Apps Deployed by the Government to Track the Pandemic:

The Indian government had officially launched the Covid-19 tracking AarogyaSetu app across iOS and Android platforms. The app has been built by the National Informatics Centre to encourage citizens in practicing safe steps and provide relevant advice relevant to curbing the outbreak of the epidemic. There are few other apps developed by the Union and state governments to contain and track the pandemic. Some of the apps ask to enter the details and offer self-diagnosis of the symptoms after asking a series of individual queries.

Below is a list of the top mobile apps deployed by the government to track the pandemic and helping to handle the COVID-19 crises.


COVID19 Feedback:

This app has been built by the Indian Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. The COVID 19 Feedback app has been developed to work like a survey tool to accumulate information from users about any illness, treatments, or tests that they have taken in recent times. Via such information, the government is trying to find the heavily affected areas and increasing testing services. Once the user downloads the app, he is asked to provide all his details like name, address, contact number, and place of work. He has to enter all his medical history and present illness if any. It will ask permission to access the media and holds a precise section for providing app improvement feedback.



This app by Maharashtra government has provisions for quarantine tracking and contact tracing. Initially, the app will ask for accessing location following which a new home page is opened. The app will not show the name anywhere and once the app is opened home page shows “Private Kit”. It has a separate news section that provides the latest updates from the government. One major factor to notice, even though the app asked for location access information, it did mention that the location data will not be shared outside. It will track the quarantined and suspected persons based on the travel history and aid in preventing this epidemic from reaching a stage of community transmission.


GoK Direct:

The Kerala government also increased its efforts to launch its mobile app to provide awareness among citizens over the coronavirus pandemic. They have developed different versions for android and iOS platforms by two different developers. But contrary to other government apps, it doesn’t require users to log in to the app. It gives different language options via which users can see news and regular updates from the government.


Corona Kavach(aarogya setu app):

Available on google store, it is developed by the Union ministry of electronics and information technology in association with the ministry of health and family welfare. A major point of the app is that it gives the live location of coronavirus positive and hotspot zones. It will also keep the citizens updated about the number of cases, deaths, cured cases, and other related information.


Quarantine Watch:

One of the most anticipated apps from the IT hub of India, the Government of Karnataka has launched a mobile app named Corona Watch. As the name implies, it aims to track the movement of quarantined individuals and travel history of infected persons. This will help them to take proper measures and preventive actions to contain the outbreak of the virus. The public can use this app to monitor the movements of such individuals in specific areas with the information on the date/time of the movements. The app is currently available at the Karnataka government official website,


COVID-19 Quarantine Monitor – Tamil Nadu:

The state government of Tamil Nadu associated with a private company and developed this app. It will make sure that citizens under home quarantine in the state do not violate the norms for the specified period. Once the app is downloaded it asks the users to register with Tamil Nadu registered mobile number. With this app, the government aims to provide real-time locations of citizens who are under home quarantine which would be beneficial for both users and government. It is developed with a motive to make sure that people who are kept under quarantine are maintaining all the norms and not coming out of their homes. It will also provide symptoms verification after entering all the individual details in the app.


COVA Punjab:

COVA Punjab is a coronavirus-tracker mobile app developed by the Punjab government that is available on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store. It follows the same principle that users need to log in with their state-registered mobile number. The dashboard consists of real-time updates of coronavirus condition in the state. The app contains preventive care information and other government advisories and provision to apply for curfew passes.


Bottom line:

The governments across all states in India are increasing their efforts to fight the pandemic with optimal use of technology. Top mobile app development companies in India like Brill Mindz are the best choice for governments and other organizations to develop useful mobile apps. It will help citizens to be updated about daily situations and governments to effectively track the spread of the epidemic.