Telemedicine App Development: How to Build a Doctor On Demand App

telemedicine app development

Telemedicine App Development: How to Build a Doctor On Demand App

With the aid of swifter and accessible internet, telehealth is thriving at a rapid pace. As advanced smartphones gave reached most of the persons across the world, all of them use smartphone apps for their routine tasks. Similarly, with the help of telehealth apps, people can reach the doctor easily, fix an appointment, get appropriate consultation and pay easily with multiple payment options. Telemedicine apps like doctor-on-demand have motivated for the healthcare industry to undergo such amazing transformation. If you are thinking “how to build a telehealth platform” or “doctor appointment app development” like doctor-on-demand, then you must associate with the best mobile app development company like Brill Mindz.

Benefits of telehealth Apps like Doctors-On-Demand:

For Patients:

1. Ease:

Just think about having any health ailments like stomach or headache during Sunday or at midnight. You would need to spend a lot of time, searching for a doctor. Telemedicine apps provide you the benefit of reaching a doctor in such much-required situations. With the use of the app, you can easily speak to a doctor over the call, share the medical history and get a consultation by sitting at your house.

2.Saves time:

Conventionally, you will have to reach the doctor, wait in the queue and get an appointment. This is just to speak to the doctor and tell him about the health issues. With the app, you will have to launch it and speak to the doctor as per your appointment schedule. It will save a lot of time and provide a real-time solution.

3. Access to medical history:

As you would be knowing, it takes a strenuous effort to gain access to medical history in times of need. But with the help of telehealth apps, it will offer effortless access to 

Even today, it is pretty difficult to gain access to one’s medical records, let alone someone else’s. But no more, thanks to the telehealth apps. They allow users to view records and share them across with family members or anyone you wish to.

For Medical Practitioners:


A doctor’s job would need to interact every day with different kinds of people with health issues for long working hours. But with telehealth apps, doctors will have the flexibility to work on the schedule they can manage. It will come with the benefit of speaking to people across various locations.

2. Minimal administrative work:

It would take much time for any doctor for looking at the medical history and administrative works. The time wasted here could be useful to examine the patients effectively. With telehealth app, it will be useful for having access to medical history easily and provide swift advice and treatment.

What would make a successful telehealth app:

When developing a telehealth app, there must be consideration of these features:

For patients: 


Users must be able to register and login to the app by using his email and contact number for authentication. They must be able to enter all their health conditions and insurance details too.

Search for an appropriate doctor:

There must be a GPS facility that looks for a nearby doctor when a user searches for an appropriate doctor for his ailment. It is important to integrate Google maps so that the location of the patient and doctor are synced exactly.

Video calls:

Video call is a vital feature of a telehealth app as it is required to connect the doctor and patient in a live mode. But care must be taken to avoid any data breaches from occurring and keeping the patient’s information secure. There are many third-party APIs available for such calls.


There must be a smooth payment process that allows paying after the service. Care must be taken to integrate the payment gateway via API with multiple payment options for the patients.


This option is for the patient to write reviews about the doctor that they have received service.  

For doctors: 


This descriptive panel has all the information about patients’ medical records, drug prescriptions, and appointment calendars.

Manage appointments:

After the patient finds an appropriate doctor, they will have to fix an appointment. They will also have to mention all the current health issues and any other history if needed. The telehealth app must manage all such appointments and show each one appropriately.

In-app messages:

In-app messages are very basic and must needed feature to send messages within an app, get prescriptions, any blood reports, x-rays, etc. All such options must be implemented by giving exact solutions technically. There must be compliance with all telemedicine norms as it will contain all the patient-specific data. It is advised to use secured third-party telemedicine compliant messaging platforms that can be integrated into the app.


Below are some other approaches to monetizing your telemedicine app:

Membership plan: You can offer the customers and doctors to pay an annual fee and later charge a discounted fee for every service they receive. There could also be a monthly membership plan and renewal option every month for using the app. The majority of telemedicine apps use this for monetization and smooth working of the app process.

Franchising: This is an option where the company can provide its franchise for other health organizations for a particular price. It is helpful if your company is already filled by appointments and can’t handle more.

Per-minute price: This type of monetization strategy will ask the patient to pay for every minute of their consultation with the doctor. There could be a specific charge fixed for every specialist doctor.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Telemedicine App Like Doctor on Demand?

Telemedicine App Development is dependent on the type of features that companies wish to implement, visual design and also on the mobile app development company that you chose. Hence you must opt for a trusted and experienced mobile app development company like Brill Mindz, for all your telemedicine app development requirements.

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