Mustafa Albokhary

For Mustafa Albokhary, the accuracy of time line is his first priority. He believes that winning thousand people’s heart is pretty easy if you are honest in your aim.

Being the Chief Operating Officer of Brill Mindz Technologies, Saudi Arabia, he has a strong dream to see the company among the top 10 IT Companies in Saudi Arabia.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Clinical Laboratory Science from University of West Florida, Pensacola in Florida, United States of America and a High School Diploma in Clinical Lab Science from the College of Health Science in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Before taking up the role of COO in Brill Mindz Technologies, he worked as a Lab Technician from 2005-2010 in different hospitals across Saudi Arabia in all laboratory departments especially in blood banks. Mustafa was also a Lab technologist trainer with Sacred heart Hospital Pensacola Florida in 2015.

He recently came up with the idea of bringing all the blood banks together under one mobile application named Antigen. He clearly states that saving lives was his first point of getting this app developed and making life much easier than before technology.