Driven by the mindset of remaining focused till the result is delivered multiplies his productivity. This brilliant brain is the main spark that triggered the thought of Brill Mindz coming alive. After being graduated, he ventured out to pursue his career as an Entrepreneur. As he ventured out his mind was focused in business and office expansion in India and round the Globe and still is.

He has 10+ years of experience of delivering results in the various sectors of businesses, in which he has showcased unbeaten skills of handling about 4000 employees in the facility management. He is also actively involved in Social Service and runs an NGO, “Kanyadan”, which helps the girls of marriageable age from the underprivileged family, to tie their nuptial knots.

He draws tremendous inspiration from his desire to know and invent new technologies. This led him to start a product based business as well. He believes in structuring and patterning that leads him to think out-of-the box ideas bringing into live. He is doer who makes impossible as possible. He was featured by social media as a top ten Wedding Planner for his diversified ideas in My Shaadiwale.

He is socially active and that makes him a renowned socialite in Bangalore and Dubai. He is known for his market research ability and social media has featured him in India Today, Times of India, Femina Wedding Times, Financial Express to name a few.

To execute any project of different style and category, he reaches to the ground level and delves out the facts for worthy implementation. He is always considering fresh ideas like Wedding Tourism and Medical Tourism. He believes in maintaining relationships and responsibilities among his stake holders and clients. Hence, fulfilling your relationships responsibly is what he believes at.