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Quite alike to Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana and Alexa, the Samsung devices like Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+ are now working on their own voice assistant called Bixby. But what is so special and unique about Bixby, what is new and how does it function? This new and innovative Artificial Intelligence will make the device interaction simple. The core value of the technique is to diminish complication that might increase because of the multiple and countless features found in the smartphone devices. First being introduced for Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+ models, and is designed to take on other Samsung Models as well. Bixby consists of several features that make this technique in Samsung devices so interesting. The different features functions in several ways like Bixby voice, Bixby Home, Bixby Vision and Bixby Reminder. Much has been covered in Bixby and many more are yet to cover.

The way Bixby functions

There are some basic principles of Samsung Bixby that can be explained in following ways.

Bixby has complete solutions: It helps to carry out complete interactions rather than carrying out single task. Bixby is perfectly capable to do almost everything using touch sensitivity for any mobile application. The prospect is extended in extensive and better ways.

Bixby is contextually alive: Bixby will now be able to identify your current location and residing state and country. It will suggest you and eventually perform the right action based on your requirement and search request through your voice and touch. It also helps in mixing voice and touch. It knows exactly what your position is and takes the next rational step forward.

Bixby identifies natural languages: You no longer have to arrange your sentence to get the required search result. Now you can use incomplete sentences, Bixby is perfectly capable to rearrange, interpret and suggest you actions.

Complete control on the devices – As the smartphones are getting complicated with increasing features, Bixby aims to make the interaction with the device less complicated. This Artificial intelligence is perfectly capable you to take for an in-depth ride to your mobile phone as an easy solution.

Samsung Bixby


The various features

  • Bixby Vision

Bixby depends on Voice service that helps to direct access through your camera, so even if you do not have full access to complete Bixby services still you will be able to access Bixby Vision. Bixby Vision provides varieties of function that works on complete function of the camera. This feature will recognize whatever object the camera is pointed upon or whatever it sees. It openly provides information about the subject or the object it is pointed upon.

  • Bixby Home

Samsung reads your routine activities, understanding how and for what purposes your phone has been used. It will be further showcased in Bixby Home and function easily for the mobile apps that supports Bixby Home. Your voice services will help Bixby Home to perform the action that is intended to. It sorts information based on your interests. Spotify is also integrated with Bixby Home, which now makes it very easy for the music to be played with a tap. Bixby Home can be modified to terminate, pin or even permanently hide cards by clicking the icon of an individual Bixby home tab. You can now quickly send of commands as well. The default apps of Samsung supplies most of the contents of Bixby Home. You will able to have glimpses of news and latest updates of your social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Uber will also show you your recent ride details.

  • Bixby Voice

Now you can just press a button to control your voice and let your smartphone provide you result following your voice command. It just acts like Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri. You can ask Bixby to provide you solution when you are in need. This virtual assistant will let your phone wake up and perform the task that it is directed to. This feature will help you in several ways to ease out your task as well as your life. The voice command performs many tasks like using voice commands, playing music from your favorite app, adding calendars so on so forth.

  • Bixby Reminder

The Bixby Reminder is much strong as compared to one in Siri or Assistant. It enables the users to attach media like photos, messages, websites or photos. It was built initially for the native apps Galaxy S8. You can adjust the specific and preferable time and even the exact location. When all these conditions are met, you will receive notifications that you can snooze or check as per your convenience.

Bixby Compatibility with Apps

Samsung Bixby is compatible to run with total 10 number of native as mentioned below:

  • Phone
  • Messages
  • Internet
  • Gallery
  • Bixby
  • Settings
  • Camera
  • Contacts
  • Reminder
  • Weather

Samsung has also said that it plans to support third-party apps through their specific software development kit, but the basic equation with Google apps is still pending and that needs to be incorporated so that the users are able to experience the uniqueness of Bixby. Samsung relies on some core Google apps like Play Music and Google Maps that needs to be integrated with Bixby to offer a better experience. Samsung has said that the supported apps will quickly increase, but there’s plenty of questions here still need to be answered.

The wide future prospect of Bixby

Bixby has the capability to incorporate and function even for the home appliances, as Samsung is planning to incorporate in its wide range of products apart from the Smartphones. Hence, Bixby could be used to control Air Conditioners, Televisions, Washing Machines, Refrigerators, etc, so it is just a voice command and your entire task would be handled for your convenience. It seems like a long distance to extend the horizon from Galaxy S8, but it is not too far for the expansions.

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