28 Jul 2017
Value of the App – Adecco is on-board resume processing app. It is developed to handle the recruitment process and keeps it completely organized. The detailed information of the eligible candidature registered with Adecco will be sorted in their database. The process will start when the eligible candidate is selected for the job. Adecco is [...]
26 Jul 2017
Value of the App – This app reduces the job of the waiters. The orders can be placed by viewing the available orders in a restaurant. With the use of this app the restaurant authority will be able to take up a decision about modifying the menu for the day. The customers will be able [...]
08 Jul 2017

Value of the APP – TIGR is employee development tracking systems. This app helps to measure and weigh the opportunities and scope for performance development. With the help of this app it will easy to arrange the CV of the employees. These Curriculum Vitae will give a true illustration of employee’s performance and growth opportunity […]

08 Jul 2017
Value of the App – This app helps to track the school bus in most easy and convenient way. Parents are able to track the pick-up and drop-off their children from home to schools and on a return trip from schools to homes. The app manages real time in a most cost effective manner. Now [...]
08 Jul 2017
Value of the App – Now booking taxi at urgent hours is easy for immediate communication. Rite Cab is a utility application did erase the hassles of booking the taxi. Rest assures that your cab is just a click and call away. The application is developed for Indian clients. Platform – The application was developed [...]
08 Jul 2017
Value of the App – Hoopy is a utility application. This app helps the users to get connected to authorize automotive servicing centers, which are nearest to their locations. This app helps to organize the servicing and maintenance of the vehicles. It is now easy to book for vehicle servicing and maintenance just with a [...]
08 Jul 2017
Elite Doctor
Value of the App – Elite Doctors is a medical app that helps the patients to choose the doctors based on their specialization and location. The patients’ health report and details will be uploaded in the system that will help the doctors to treat their patient based on previous medical history. The patients will be [...]
08 Jul 2017
Value of the App – It is probably pretty tough to consolidate and maintain the list of blood banks. But with the help of Antigen it becomes really easy for anyone to track the blood bank and availability of blood at the time of dire need. There are three easy interfaces designs of Doctors, Donors [...]