EHL App- Android & iOS App Development

Value of the App – The transportation of all logistics products from one place to another has never been so easy and convenient. EHL is a utility app with two easy user interfaces for driver and for customers. Transportations of logistics and tracking the location of the product can be handled using the app. It organizes logistic hassles and makes the process safe and secure. This application is developed for Oman based client.

Platform – EHL is developed to work seamlessly over iOS and Android OS.

Unique Features – Dedicated features for Users, Drivers and Customers.

Challenges – The challenges were establishing the technical connection between the drivers as always they will be on move. Connecting with the drivers through Mobile GPS seemed the only solution. The consignments would be sent off to remote locations as well and it will be almost to track the drivers through GPS system.

Solution – The mobile apps had to pass through various test to finally qualify as a right app. Mobile GPS and Google Map integrated with the app. The drivers will never return from the trip empty hand as they will always be connected and they will be able to collect consignment on their return trips. The drivers will never be able to fake the delivery as the trip will only end when the customer provide the OTP to receive the consignment. With Mobile GPS drivers can easily be tracked and their location will be known. As per the availability of vehicles discounts can be provided to the customers. The trip and the goods deliver can be pre-scheduled and booked.

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EHL App: I realized how innovative the technical team was when I saw them giving shape to my ideas. They took exceptionally good care of my aspirations and developed an app that is so sorted and organized. The design is simple and easy to handle. Handling Logistics with EHL is hassl

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