How to finalize a name to your mobile app?

How to finalise a name to your mobile app?

 How to finalize a name to your mobile app?

The name of any kind of business is the striking point and has a major percentage in reaching target customers. It gets trickier and more competitive if you are on the verge of finalizing the name of your mobile app. This would be the only chance in the journey to be recognized among the target customers and impress them in the first step. The app name would be proving to be a striking impression in your business process and play a big role in offering a positive response to the venture. With such a crucial influence, if you are planning to launch your most expected mobile app, then you would be wondering – “How to finalize a name to your app?”


Tips to finalize the name to your app:

There is a huge and constant competition in the app market as there are many numbers of apps getting released in the market every day. It requires some special skill to decide attractive names for mobile apps. Below are some tips to help you in deciding good mobile app name ideas to be successful in the market.


1)Start with the basics: 

Focus on app highlights: Spot on the major features, precise purposes, and the major helping hand for users.

Analyse the long-term growth factors: App name would be the first point of impression for a longer time in the path of your business expansion. Hence think in the way of business prospects for achieving long term results.

Research your audience: Know the target audience and their likings. The app name will have the potential to connect with the audience and act as an emotional point in their acceptance.



Researching the market will be a key point of this process after brainstorming the basic ideas. Go through similar types of mobile apps already in the market and comments from users on them. Check out the emotions of people on the names or logo of the app. It will be a vital part of what could be the right way to proceed with an apt name for the app.



Any app name would be better if it is unique for catching the eye of your audience. Studies have shown that a significant bunch of users download the app due to the uniqueness in its name.

Create meaning: App name must be easy to pronounce and be in the mind of the audience. Hence, ensure to keep the name that is easy to be remembered by the potential users.

Survey: Surveying after you select a bunch of names for your app could be a useful idea. As the audience will be the ultimate deciders of your app success, interacting with them, and receiving feedback will be a smarter option. Their responses will surely aid you in finalizing the name of your app.

Global reach:

A mobile app must have a global reach as you will have more chance to make a solid impression beyond the limits. Localized names will seldom catch the attention of the global audience and fail to make its mark internationally. Even though if you want to include any name that carries cultural importance, ensure that name will be suited to all types of audiences.


  • Search results are always important to be considered in the success of any type of app. App Store Optimisation is a key part of the promotion planning which includes appropriate naming for your app.
  • App stores ask for keywords to be entered while you submit the app to the stores. If the name of the app includes crucial keywords, then the search results would be amazing. But this may also result in rejection of the app on the Store if you overdo it. Perform a thorough analysis of the relevant keywords that are regularly used by the target audience. Looking for the latest keywords that are relevant in the present times is a constant process as they make a crucial aspect in search rankings.
  • While you look out for keywords, try to form short phrases that will be used by people when they look out for services or products that are relevant to your business. Now, select the name that matches well with those phrases and will be helpful in the app searchable criteria. A major chunk of app downloads is due to the simple search by the audience.


5) Build Familiarity:

If you are an existing business owner with introducing a mobile app for the same, it is wiser to have a name that developrs familiarity in the business. There should be a feeling of familiarity in the name of the app and the existing business so that it always carries a sense of closeness to the audience. App names are always talking points of your business.

6) App rules: 

Follow the precise app rules while following the naming conventions. The App Store lets you use 50 characters and Google Play confines you to only 30 characters. Hence it is crucial to follow these naming rules while you decide on the final name. There is also one more important point to remember on the truncation of some naming characters. The audience will only able to see the initial ten characters of the app name when they search in the stores.


Bottom line:

 With the constant demand for mobile apps in the market, there will be no slowdown for the mobile app development in the market. If you have a good core idea in suggesting names for specific apps then you could develop a good app name generator for the purpose. But for such creative ideas to be successful, you have to get the support of an experienced mobile app development company in Bangalore, Brillmindz. They have extensive skill in transforming great ideas into reality and heading them towards success in the market. You will not only be assured of getting true value for your money but also constant support for your app post-deployment.



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