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Fantasy games have recently become a big hit in India and MPL wanted to make it easier for you by putting fantasy games on the tips of your fingers. Playing online fantasy games is one thing, and playing with MPL fantasy games is another. How do I do it? For every Fantasy game you play, MPL offers you the chance to win real cash. We cover Cricket Fantasy, Fantasy Football, Kabaddi Fantasy, BasketBall Fantasy Stocks & Fantasy. So, why play around in one place when you have all the Fantasy games.

About MPL Mobile Game App-

Mobile Premier League (MPL) is an online gaming mobile app with lots of games, fantasy sports, quiz and more! Users can play their preferred mobile games and can win enormous real cash. It has a lot of advanced features that attract users to stay more time within the app. The MPL game app has included 30+ games with several features and can experience ultimate gaming experience on spending time within the app.

MPL has 30 + games to give you to play from. Choose from categories such as adventure, action, sports and many more. They had it all from games such as Chess, Ludo, Carrom to Football, Cricket & Kabaddi. Users can play online games to stand out in the rankings. Talk with peers and see who is the real winner.

Nowadays business peoples started searching for mobile app development companies in Bangalore to get their successful apps for their industry. Trying hard to know how much does it cost to develop a game app like MPL.

Here this post will give detail game development cost estimation and 

Mobile game development costs in India, UAE, and Saudi Arabia.


The cost of mobile game development is mainly defined by the nature of a mobile app you plan to develop:

Simple Game App. A casual game is a simple solitary game that does not require special skills to play. A user can retrieve it at any time and do not have to keep the score at the end of the session.

 By James Portnow, founder of Zero Games, a common feature of casual mobile applications including repetition and endless gameplay. Subgenre Some of the most popular casual games including puzzles, hidden object games, adventure, trivia, cards, arcade, and strategy. 

Thus, the majority of the top-grossing freemium games like candy crush saga and Clash of Clans casual. They usually combine 2D graphics – that is, the field of play, animation controls, and artifacts – and a basic soundtrack. 

Additional features include extra lives, the level, and character upgrades are often available for paid users only. A relatively simple game 3 titles like Ludo crush costs $ 90-110000 to make. Clash of Clans, a multiplayer game that artfully combines elements of trivia, strategy, and game Tower Defense, has a story that well-thought-out and a built-in mechanism of social engagement, cost about $ 400 thousand to flourish. 

Another example comes from Rovio Entertainment, the Finnish game development studio that reportedly invested $ 140 thousand to launch Angry Birds – a project that eventually brought more than $ 200 million in revenue in 2012 and has been the trend since then. In most cases, the commercial success of casual applications driven by clever marketing.

Choose the right game app development plan to get profit and better ROI

Friendly. These games are played together on social networking websites such as Facebook by multiple users. These are similar to browser games that use oAuth protocols and services such as OpenFeint to access limited user data. As far as technology is concerned, a social app contains payment tools and stats showing mechanisms to promote a competitive spirit and facilitate consumer spending. These games are usually developed with social network development kits (such as Facebook SDK), although the incorporation of the Facebook API is also possible after development. An application for social games like ludo costs $100-300,000.

Simulation. Designed to simulate real-world activities such as design, management, sports, and social interactions, mobile simulation games also rely on sophisticated engines capable of analyzing the outcome of a single in-game incident and modeling appropriate scenarios, making it virtually impossible to determine the development costs of complex urban development (SimCity), dating (Choices) and building. We estimate, however, a price of $400-450 thousand to create a simplified city-building framework close to The Tribez. The budget includes 2D modeling and simulations, internal coding, improving performance and creating stories.

Factors Influencing Mobile Game Development like MPL

Many factors affect the cost to develop a game development that comes with numerous strategies and technologies. As you probably already guessed, the cost of developing and publishing a game like Subway Surfers depends on several factors and can vary greatly. Let’s look at two different scenarios and seek to get an estimate for your game creation. For more info, please use our device cost calculator.

How Much Does it Cost to Make an App by Yourself?

Let’s get something straight first of all. You can find posts for the community and tutorials online claiming that for almost nothing you can make a game like Subway Surfers. That couldn’t go beyond the facts. Ask yourself how many of these DIY games of low quality went viral and how much revenue they generated? It’s simple to answer both questions: no. We don’t say it’s impossible to develop

Unity Pro licenses will be the biggest expense because you really should use Unity Pro to work on a project like this one. An annual Unity Pro license costs $2,850 per position, so you’re looking to spend $28,500 on licenses alone if you’re a team of ten developers. That’s a great deal. Add to that expense of UI and UX design, pay the team (most people wouldn’t work for free), check the game, and then launch it in the app stores, and you’ll see why making 3D game development a DIY project is expensive and impractical.

Hire Game Development Companies in Bangalore

In most cases, it would be easier for you to recruit developers of mobile games. The job can be done effectively, reliably and competently by a professional game development company. Hiring professionals in the app stores with a strong portfolio will help you avoid any hiccups that newbie developers are expected to encounter. Search for developers with millions of sales of their games–you can’t go wrong with them.

Some developers of mobile games charge an hour, but some prefer to give you a quote depending on your needs. Let’s presume you want a special UI and UX app to be released on both the Apple App Store and Google Play. This means that for iOS and Android, you’ll need two versions of the game. You look at investing $40 K in this case ($10 K for UI / UX projects, $20 K for the iOS app, and $10 K for the Android app). This is very fair considering the price of Unity licenses listed above because you get a unique product that has been created by competent professionals and thoroughly tested for bugs and errors.

How BrillMindz costs to develop Mobile Game Development like MPL?

When it comes to budgeting for the development of mobile apps, it is important to remember that there will also be ongoing costs associated with the project along with initial design and development costs.

BrillMindz Technologies holding 8 years of expertise in building mobile apps for all industries and specialized in building game development like MPL.

We started BrillMIndz in 2011 and provides mobile app development services across many countries and let us know your plan to develop a game development like MPL.

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