How much does it cost to develop an app like taskrabbit

If the modern generation needs any work to be done or if anything to be purchased, then the initial thought that comes in the mind is the usage of the application. This has been the intensity of usage of applications and it has become a necessity to mankind. Similarly, there are apps that will help you in daily household activities. Hiring best mobile app development companies in Dubai helps you to get successful mobile app like TaskRabbit

What is TaskRabbit?

TaskRabbit is a home service app that gives people the option to search for help for their daily tasks like cleaning, gardening, handyman services, pet care, electrical works, plumbing, carpenter repair, carpet cleaning and much more works in their neighborhoods. It genuinely works as a bridge between the customers and the laborers. Such apps have been known to help people financially, reducing wait times and it allows them to outsource household jobs and works to others in their association. 

TaskRabbit holds two segments:

Task posters: Task posters are the users who require a job to be done and post their job on the application. The app links them to professionals who are ready to perform the job as a freelance basis. Once the activity is completed, payment can be completed via the app itself. 

Task doers: Task doers are the individuals who are underemployed or seeking for a job to make some additional money. As they join the app, will be tested and interviewed. Once an individual clears the interview, they can mention their skills and interest to be acknowledged into the list of TaskRabbit. Taskers will be provided with a job subsequently and they can either acknowledge it or reject it.

A typical work-flow of TaskRabbit application:

As Task posters post about a job, the app suggests freelance workers, together with their rates and experience levels. A Task doer can accept or reject the job depending on his advantage and convenience. After the job is completed by a task doer, then the payment is processed via the app and task posters can rate the service. As the task doers in the application database are completely record verified, they will be fully capable of performing all the tasks.

Factors influencing the overall cost to develop an app like Taskrabbit:

It is not possible to list out all the factors influencing the cost to develop an app like TaskRabbit until you know the key things before starting the development. The major ones are:

The platform of choice: The total cost for developing the Task Rabbit type application will be much more when built for native platforms, like Android, iOS app development, or Windows platforms. The cost will be relatively less when a mobile application development framework for cross-platform is used.

App designing: UI/UX design is one more big influencing factor to the complete development cost of an app like TaskRabbit. If you choose it to be more creative, fluid, detailed and attractive, then the cost will be on the higher side. You can always choose to add or discard the features to match your overall budget.

The features that can be added in an app like TaskRabbit are:

Login and registration – These are the basic features for the new users for registration to the app by providing their details such as name, contact number, email address, etc. and existing users to login.

Search option– 

  • To search for a particular job with an option of filters if possible.
  • Different categories of Jobs– A full list of job categories for the app user to select from.
  • Details of the job– Particulars of the job being filled in the app by the user.    
  • History of jobs- The history of jobs that both the task poster and task doer have completed.
  • Details of the task doer– Complete details of the task doer involving the kind of work with a thorough description of inclusions.
  • Scheduling the job service– Scheduling of any job service with the help of the calendar should be provided.

Different locations and payment methods– The users should have the option to utilize the app from multiple locations along with different payment methods. The payment transactions done by the users should be available in the app.

Payment Tracking– The user must have the possibility of tracking the payment. 

Feedback– The users must be able to express their feedback in the app that is very important for any corrections.

Help: Users must be able to find any solution through the help section.

Ratings and Review section– The most important thing for an app is the option for the user to post a rating and review the app.

The advantages of Apps like TaskRabbit:

  • It will save a lot of time with ease to get job help for both task posters and doers.
  • Properly verified task doers.
  • Different payment options and get paid instantly.
  • Job search options with social sharing.
  • Discover local jobs in the neighborhood.
  • No strict job, choose to work at a convenient time.
  • Email and SMS Messaging System


Stable growth in the competition is showing ways to new creative ways of doing similar tasks. Currently, people are hugely dependent on the internet to discover creative professionals who can assist them in a variety of tasks like laundry, transportation, food, plumbing, construction, electrical tasks, furnishing, cleaning, grocery, security, gardening, and the list goes on. As the future is moving towards more advances in technology, the requirement and demand for services like TaskRabbit is surely going to get larger.

It is of big interest not just to the end-users who are using it more due to the comfort that it provides to them, but also the businesspersons who are searching for a top income-oriented business process. Therefore, it is a prime time for starting the development of any app like TaskRabbit. Being a top mobile app development company, Brill Mindz assists the customers to achieve healthier progress in their business with innovative ideas. If you are interested to build an app like TaskRabbit then contact us at

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