How much does it cost to develop an e-learning App like Byju’s?

How much does it cost to develop an e-learning App like Byju’s?

It is evident in every walk of life that technology has a huge impact on our daily lives. Whether it is daily routine tasks or business-related activities, technology is making our lives easier and more efficient. People across the globe are involving themselves in mobile apps for doing their crucial tasks. Similarly, the majority of industries are utilizing the benefits of technologies for automating their business operations. Even the education industry is one of them, which is evolving like never before with the use of cutting-edge technology. In the modern age, as e-learning(e-learning Apps like Byju’s) is gaining huge popularity, educational apps are expanding in the market. Many educational institutions have entered this sector that has elevated the e-learning experience.

What is Byju’s? And how much does it cost to develop an e-learning App like Byju’s?

It is was founded in 2011 by ByJu Ravindran based out of Bangalore. It helped the students mainly from class 1 to 12 by providing quality educational content. It also offers smart and effective training for competitive examinations in India like IIT-JEE, CAT, AIEEE, NEET, and IAS along with international exams like GMAT and GRE. The app has a superior emphasis on mathematics and science by the explanation of different concepts through video sessions. The enormous success of ByJu’s mobile app has encouraged various educational influencers to utilize mobile learning methods and associate with top mobile app development companies like Brill Mindz to develop exciting mobile apps.

Features and Functionality needed to develop an app like Byju’s:

An elearning app like Byju’s has three types of panels: Student’s panel, instructor panel, and the admin panel. Each panel needs different types of functionalities and features as per the requirements of the app owner.

  1.   Student Panel: Student panel is generally the most-used section and it is developed to give all the necessary information for the learners right from registration and sign-in process. As the student enters the app, they should be allowed to steer through the app effortlessly, taking care of all the issues like long loading time or even unexpected crashing. Steering from one topic to another should be easily done with a clear mention of all the features. Majority of the student panel features that need to be implemented in the app are:
  2. Hassle-free Registration and sign-up.
  3. The complete profile creation.
  4. Chatting (Both text and video)
  5. Search Filters
  6. Different Subscription Plans
  7. Doubt clearing sections to post questions
  8. Online tests.
  9. Reading online or download option
  10. Course overview
  11. Transaction History
  12.   Teacher’s panel: Teachers panel will assist the instructors to log in and have a dedicated section and navigate through the app effortlesslyTeacher’s panel features that are required to be implemented in the app are:
  13. Register and sign-up.
  14. Profile setup.
  15. Access to Questions and answer section.
  16. Edit options
  17. Chatting (Both Text and Video)
  18. Manage accounts.
  19.   Admin Panel: Admin Panel is a very crucial section of the app as it is needed to manage the users, the specific contents appropriate to the users, topics and also the answers to the queries. Hence, an Admin Panel must include all the features required by the app owner’s plan to give the best of the services to the users. Teacher’s panel features that are required to be implemented in the app are:
  20. User Management.
  21. Maintain the accounts.
  22. Topics and specific content management.
  23. Subscription control.
  24. History of transactions.
  25. Advanced filters.
  26. Management of Bills.
  27. Customer feedback management.
  28. Promotional offers and discounts.
  29. User-specific updates.

Factors influencing the development cost of the app:

For building a perfect e-learning app like Byju’s, there needs to be a proper strategy for all the factors that influence the cost of development. It requires the combination and proper handling of the latest technologies and a few critical elements. The total development cost of an e-learning app like Byju’s is decided by these important parameters:

App Platforms: As you want to attain success early with a plan to reach larger customers, you may plan to launch the app on both iOS and Android platforms. But generally, iOS app development is less when compared to several devices running on the Android platform. Hence if you want to roll out an MVP version of the app, it is better to have the app developed on the iOS platform and later do it on the Android platform. You will also be with the advantage of, iOS development tools provide a more sophisticated and advanced approach for the app development.

App Design: As the e-learning apps like Byju’s require to have a user-friendly and impactful design for allowing the users to easily steer through the app and access all the features. Hence UI/UX design for such apps plays a very important role in the complete learning process and improves the downloads. With better design, students will be motivated to learn the sessions effectively and more happily. This will make the app to reach more users and improve profits.

Software and Tools: The type of software and tools used by the engineers to develop the app can have an impact on the total cost of building the app. If you associate with the best app development company, they will effectively guide you to choose the right options that aid in crafting an attractive app that pleases the users.

App Features & Functionalities: With plenty of features to be added into the app like contents, video teachings, creative graphics, chats and payment functions, it is evident that app size will have a big impact. If there are more premium features added in the app, then it will surely elevate the total app cost.


The unique features of Byju’s app with video and graphic abilities has excited many students, teachers. But you must hire the best mobile app development company like Brill Mindz to implement these latest technologies to increase the reach to users that bring more downloads and revenue.

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