How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Goqii?

 How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Goqii? The modern growth in mobile application development has pioneered a huge revolution in the market. People are so much dependent on mobile apps that it has become an essential element of their daily life. The value and flexibility given by mobile apps make every job a lot easier in the day to day activities. Technology associated solutions have given the users an innovative way of regulations in their diet, fitness, and routines. Similarly, mobile apps have also given a lot of benefits to the healthcare industry. GOQii is one such app that has created a revolution in the healthcare industry. For building a customer-centric and reliable mobile app it is advised to employ the services of the best mobile app development company like Brillmindz. You will be assured to get world-class mobile apps for Android, iOS, iPad, and Windows to fulfill your requirements within planned time and investment. 

What is GOQii?

GOQii is a digital health and fitness-related preventive platform that has both personal mobile personal training and fitness tracking technology to assist you in reaching your goals and transforming into a better way of life. Some of the fitness tracking apps may be useful, but they lack the constant communication, motivation and keen responsibility. GOQii has a big edge here and connects you to the smart activity tracker watch device to proficient health and fitness mobile GOQii app on any type of mobile platform. GOQii was founded by Vishal Gondal, the earlier CEO of India games, is now centered in California and also has workplaces in Mumbai and China. How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Goqii?

Major Features of the GOQii app are:

GOQii Doctor:

An expert physician should be available on the app for immediate consultations and discussions to solve the problems.

GOQii Tracker

GOQii Run-GPS, GOQii HR, GOQii Vital help to track your fitness over the wireless device.

Training via videos:

We should have real-time live video sessions by expert professionals in health, meditation, diet, weight training, Zumba, Yoga and many more.

Ecommerce store for Health:

This provision has a wide range of healthcare items and services where you can purchase diet-conscious food and snacks, workout equipment and also dietary supplements.

Offers and discounts: 

There should be a provision of giving regular discount offers and sales and get the buyback points for redeeming them on a future purchase of any item. There should also be an option to be given karma points which can be used as the main currency for making any contributions to the list of different causes given in the GOQii app. 

Motivation field:

This gives a motivation for improved routine and health to be influenced by friends. 

Personal training:

This provision offers individual coaching and guidance depending on your health goals to gain strength, weight loss, better sleep and improve your routine. It will help you to get motivated and work towards making your life healthier and fitter.

 GOQii type HealthCare App Development Process.

  • There are a few important factors to be considered while developing a healthcare app like GOQii.
  • Researching all the medical and moral terms is very important for the development of a mobile health app development concept. 
  • Patients should be a major factor to be considered while designing a well-performing mobile app.
  • All the features and information in the app must surely follow all the norms associated with safeguarding the legal health statistics and implementations.
  • There should complete solution to solve a specific issue with proper scientific inputs and user-friendly operation.

Technologies Applied for Developing GOQii Type Healthcare App.

For developing an effective and modern healthcare app, most of the best mobile app development companies utilize many advanced technologies.

 How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Goqii?

Telemedicine Facility:

Telemedicine is a creative mobile app feature by which patients get treated for their problems without actually going to a hospital. It builds a link between doctors and patients via which appointments can be scheduled and discussions can be done through distant talks with precise specialists to find the solutions. This will avoid the patients to wait in long queues for primary communications with a doctor.

Blockchain Revolution:

Blockchain technology has not only changed the dimensions of the financial industry but also transformed the healthcare domain. Blockchain technology lets patients permit to access their medical data, like allowing certain researchers to use the few precise parts of the data required for the study purpose. Also, blockchain helps users to get their medical data at any time by connecting to the hospital systems. This integration of blockchain technology with healthcare apps will create a coordinating environment.

Safety of all the patient’s data:

Best mobile app development companies will make sure to safeguard all the confidential data of patients like login information, personal and financial details, etc. at all the places of the app interaction. This will encourage more users to utilize the features of the app with no elements of hinderance.

Chatbot feature:

This Chatbot technology used in the healthcare mobile app gives the provision for its users to communicate with specialists about their problems and get precise medical guidance anytime in the form of chat messages. This allows performing many tasks ranging from scheduling an appointment to fetching of medical reports. 

How much does it cost to develop an app like GOQii?

Factors like complexity and features required in the app are the major factors influencing the overall cost for building the app like GOQii. 

  • The selection of app platforms like Android, iOS or hybrid depends on the target audiences. Different platforms have different levels of complexity and costs for development that depend on specific location and app development companies. 
  • Employing advanced functionalities and features in the app will surely increase the richness of the app but will come with an added increase in the overall cost for development. 

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