How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App in Dubai?

How Much Does it cost to develop an app in Dubai?

With a massive increase in the number of mobile users and downloads of apps, the consequence of connectivity for our society is visible. By 2021, there will be about 8 billion mobile users worldwide, (Source) and by 2022, and expected to reach 258 billion yearly mobile app downloads are demanded. 

Dubai is one of the fastest-growing city among others, the technology in Dubai, UAE has massive development from the past couple of years. Nowadays we have seen mobile apps are becoming very important

The booming market of the world is increasing in numbers with the pace of digital transformation. Part of the end we are observing such an exciting increase in the number of applications is how a powerful mobile behavior for businesses has become a remnant important.

With a large increase in the number of mobile users and downloads of apps, the importance of connectivity for our society is evident. In 2021, there will be about 7 billion mobile users worldwide, (Source) and by 2022, an additional 258 billion annual mobile app downloads are expected. 

The booming economy of the app is growing in numbers with the speed of digital transformation. Part of the reason we are witnessing such a dramatic increase in the number of applications is how a strong mobile presence for companies has become a survival imperative.

The very first problem that emerges when a digital startup begins is the expense of creating the device. 

How much money does making a highly functional app cost and then scale it up to a $1 billion business? If you’ve been wondering about the cost of developing an app lately, here’s a guide that will give you the answer to how much it costs to build an app. We addressed the main drivers of the cost of developing mobile apps in this report. 

Many factors affect the mobile app development cost in Dubai. The cost of developing the app varies from place to place, and the development team’s geographical location is one such factor.

Cost of Mobile App Development in Dubai

There are thousands of mobile app development companies in Dubai and the cost of hiring developers varies depending on the company expertise and type of platform applied to the built mobile app. 

There are a variety of factors to consider when calculating the cost of developing mobile applications. And often the huge range of parameters such as outsourcing or hiring local developers confuse founders of start-ups and even experienced entrepreneurs.

Going by common accepting such as high price does not imply a good quality product or new businesses are not experienced enough to build a robust application is not advisable.

Factors Effects on Mobile App Development

Another factor affecting the cost of creating an app is the technological difficulty. A straightforward application with easy features like a calculator or an app for notes is easier to develop than a complex, time-consuming application for eCommerce or social media. 

The more complex the application, the higher the development cost. The sophistication of the different features and the time required to develop the software increases with the increase in technicality, leading to the resulting cost increase.

More data transfer is also required for complex applications, which increases the server requirements and thus increases the cost.

Type of Platform For App Development in Dubai, UAE

You will either target Android users, iOS users or both if you build a mobile application for your business needs. 

One really can’t answer how much it costs to make an app until you want to choose a site. In addition, at the very beginning, the approach to app development needs to be factored in as it greatly impacts the cost of app development.

The cost of creating apps for Android and iOS varies considerably. Platform selection and approach to app development influence the cost of building a mobile app. While Apple has a dedicated user base, a chance to reach a wider range of users is the advantage of building an Android app.

The cost of building an iOS app is higher than an Android app because of the higher level of expertise needed. The App Store also has a strict set of guidelines to meet before the app is launched.

Factors that affect Mobile App Development Cost 

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App in Dubai? Now that you are aware of the primary parameters influencing the cost of building an app like geographic location, platform choice, and mobile app development approach when you approach a development company, you can’t expect them to give you the cost estimate of the app development right off the bat. 

So, what does the cost of mobile apps really affect? 

The cost of developing a mobile app depends on a number of factors. Certainly, before you receive a bill, the project team determines how many hours it took them to incorporate your needs. However, the most important factors affecting the average development cost of apps are as follows:

Advanced Features 

With next-gen applications using state-of-the-art technology, there is almost no limit to what an app can do. The cost begins at a couple of hundred dollars and goes as high as the advanced feature set. 

The design and sophistication of the implemented features are the biggest cost drivers in the creation of software.

When you decide what your app is supposed to do, that’s the basic functionality that comes into play, the features that need to perform the desired action. 

The longer you want to add features to your mobile app, the longer it takes developers to build them. Many features are long to implement, while others are relatively simple and easy to implement.

A table with estimated development time and cost for basic features is listed below.

User Interaction(UI Design)

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App in Dubai? An application’s first look may be a deal maker or breaker. There’s more to good design than just an app’s look and feel–it’s all about the experience of the user.

User Experience Design is all about. An application’s performance coupled with the functionality and how users navigate seamlessly all depend on the development of the UX.

It’s hard to understand a cluttered device and will be easily uninstalled. 

The amount of visual complexity from the back-end front-end and the design front results in the increased technical effort. The more you experiment with the visual features of your app, the more it becomes expensive.

Backend Development

If you’re preparing to build a massive app with millions of users who will share huge amounts of information in real-time, they’ll certainly want to synchronize and store their data across platforms.

It certainly requires a backend that can withstand huge loads and function seamlessly under any circumstances, resulting in more time spent developing and constructing the application’s complex architecture.

Backend is essentially an OS that provides developers with APIs to share data between an application and a database in mobile application development. To monitor user activity and analyze the efficiency of your customer app, it is equipped with analytics.


Structure of the Development Team

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App in Dubai? As mentioned above, the app development company’s location is a critical factor that determines the final price of the product. The cost of making an app in Dubai, UAE varies and other regions. But the cost to create an app also depends on the structure of the development team. 

Maintenance and Support 

After the output is finished, the collaboration between a tech partner and the consumer does not stop completely. Every company in the development of apps offers support after release. Maintenance is, after all, a continuous process.

Without proper support, an application will not be able to do what it was designed for. Updates are mandatory for new technological changes to ensure that your software runs smoothly.

So, how much does it cost to maintain an app, the next defining question? 

Well, in some cases, the cost of keeping an app accounts for 15%-20% of the original development cost.

How Much Does BrillMindz Costs for mobile app development in Dubai?

We start by exploring your idea when you partner with us and brief you about our methodology and the latest tools and technologies we are applying in the development process. We present you with a rough estimate based on your preferences and your design description. We calculate the total number of hours needed to develop the application depending on the complexity of the project. 

We move on to a thorough project plan once your approval has been obtained and request a detailed proposal with cost and timetable.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App in Dubai? The mobile app development cost in Dubai ranges from $15,000 to $ 55,000 and more depends on different factors as explained above.

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