How much does it cost to develop an app for events

How much does it cost to develop an event app?

With a significant rate of competition in the business field to establish a top brand value, what would be the most trending factor across the globe? It is the development of a mobile app for the majority of the firms. Even though there are many things available for this purpose, the most desirable approach of almost every offline business or online stores is having a mobile app. The majority of organizations are in the same thought that the maximum crowd can be reached only if the business is running successfully on a mobile app.

As people are easily accessible to information and on-goings, event apps are becoming more popular throughout the industry. With the rise in technology and availability of best event app development companies across the industry, mobile event apps are available with different customization options. Considering the importance of quality and features in the app to be crucial, it is essential to associate with a top event app development company like Brill Mindz to fulfill the expectations and deliver an intended influential output.

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Factors influencing the cost of an event app:

It is unable to decide the overall cost of developing an event app without looking into several factors that are impacting them. They are:

1)Application Platform:

This is the prime important factor, as the cost will largely depend on the type of platforms like Android, iPhone or cross-platform apps. The coding and software vary by cost for each platform and hence it is important to decide on this by having a goal on the complete process. Android apps are comparatively on the minimal side for hourly rates but may take more time to develop as they have to be tested on many devices. iOS app development take less time to code but they come with comparatively higher hourly rates. Native apps work only on specific platform devices. Cross-Platform apps are affordable than native apps because the codes can be reused for both the platforms after the app is built for one of them. Hence depending on the final goal, budget and target audience, the best event app companies will suggest the optimal platform to develop the app.

2)GPS Connectivity-

With GPS connectivity features in the apps, participants of the events would be easily reaching the destination without any hiccups, and event management would be a much easier affair. But this requires some extra expense for the number of hours spent in adding this feature to the base code.

3)Social media connectivity:

The major advantage of the social media platform is the reach of the audience and their free of cost availability. With a proper strategy, it is possible to promote a brand that is very crucial for business expansion. But even here, adding any feature to the event application will significantly increase the development cost. Nevertheless, it comes with a huge benefit of making the application more engaged to the users with the option to directly share the event photos, videos, and any other information. This can make the app to reach more audiences and encourage them to download it.

4)Integration of API:

One more crucial element which will increase the cost is the integration of the app with a third-party service. There are some essential integrations required like adding a payment gateway to provide digital payments for ticketing options. This again will incur some extra costs because of the number of extra hours employed in the development.

5) Marketing the app:

Many people would be still unaware that the event would be available in a mobile app and without this, they are not going to the app store to search and download it. The best option to showcase your app and also prompting the participants of the event to find the app, marketing should be done properly. It will add to the overall budget and time constraints.

6) Discounts and Promotional Offers:

Offers and discounts are loved by everyone. By providing cashback, special deals and discounts, cashback offers, coupons, etc. you can encourage the app users by promoting loyalty towards using the app facilities and also share it with other known ones.

7)Unique features:

By giving additional features in the app such as video streaming, instant updates, live content modifications, various payment options can make the app stand out in the crowd and make it more known to a wider audience. But with the addition of more features, the overall cost increases substantially.


Before analyzing the features and budgeting required for the event app, it is important to deeply know the goals and scalability of the app. This will ensure that the expense is properly utilized. Customers may not be encouraged to download the event apps for just limited days of the event. To stimulate the people for downloading the app, it is the best option to provide them with certain other valuable features that may be useful for them. If the participants are downloading the app just for event purposes, then cost consideration has to be done during the initial planning of the app.

As the event industry endures to develop highly, mobile apps are becoming very much essential since major users currently are willing to go for a smoother way to get all the info on their latest smartphones. Hence, the majority of organizations are opting for top event app development companies to be void of any hiccups in the later stages. With greater value for money, skilled developers and timely delivery it is a wise option to associate with Brill Mindz, a pioneer event app development company.

If you are an event planner or businessman and thinking of developing an event app but carrying a lot of queries in mind such as how to develop it? Which is the best platform for development? Where to search for a reliable mobile app development company in Bangalore? You have come to the correct place. With a skilled, experienced mobile app development team at Brill Mindz, thoughts are effectively converted into a result-oriented mobile app.

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