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How much does it cost to develop a Fantasy Cricket App like Dream11?

Fantasy sports app development company in India| Throughout the world, there has been a high tide storm of fantasy game lovers. Over the past two decades, the fantasy sports industry has gained enormous popularity. The fantasy sports app can be viewed as a perfect partner for a fan of sports who wants to get involved in any way.

The trend of creating mobile apps helps users to play their favorite sport with an unforgettable experience on their smartphones.

Would you plan to develop an app for fantasy sports??? It’s a good business plan with the greatest possibility of success.

We’re all doing it, of course. Because we all have the same craze and see cricket as a game instead of a religion. We’re shouting at players, dancing for results, and most importantly, and promoting brotherhood. Although the change is changing the excitement we used to sit down and watch the game a couple of years ago, we can now play with it and gain a lot through it.


What is Fantasy Sports App Development?

Fantasy sports App Development that enables users to play games in virtual of any sport. In the sports fantasy app, performers digitally cooperate and create a virtual group of real players for a continuous expert sports movement. These teams struggle with each other based on the effects of real players in the sports.

How Fantasy App like Dream11 works??

Dream 11 is the fantasy cricket league platform that is growing fastest. It can also be used as an application or as a website. Dream11 is a popular Indian sports fantasy app that allows users to play fantasy games such as cricket, football, hockey, kabaddi, and much more.

It is an app-based in India that allows users over the age of 18 to build a virtual cricket team based on players in real-time. Based on their actual field results, the selected group of players earn points. If your virtual team scores the highest, the user can win cash rewards and prizes.

This is the key concept behind the Fantasy Cricket app from Dream11. Team11 and Dream11 give wings to their cricket fantasies to their users.


How much does it cost to develop a Fantasy Cricket App like Dream11?

Here are ways to plan an app:

Top Fantasy Sports apps

Innovations of a Fantasy Sports app

Cost of Development a Fantasy Sports app

Famous Sports fantasy apps are:



My Team11

How much does it cost to develop the Fantasy Cricket App like Dream11?

Fantasy sports app development company India ,Fantasy Cricket Apps are on the boom and many online fantasy apps are running. Mostly they’re trying to overcome Dream11, fantasy sports app development like Dream 11 ,but it still accounts for 90% of the market alone. Although it’s not a loss-making business to have a fully functional Fantasy Cricket Solution, business organizations can easily earn a loyal user base that can devote their excellence to their Fantasy Cricket Platform.

When we think about the cost of developing a Fantasy Cricket App for Android, iOS, and Web platforms, it’s going to cost between $15,000 to $25000 somewhere, which isn’t a lot for seasonal business owners.

As a renowned Fantasy App Developer, and leading fantasy sports app development company India BrillMindz build it more cost-effective and preferable for both individuals and organizations. We also commit to rapid deployment as we are prepared to use Fantasy Cricket Software, which can be used with some moderation.

Advance Features for Website and Fantasy Sports Mobile App like Dream11

User Interaction

  • Login/Signup
  • Show contestant stats
  • Profile frame
  • Rewards and Offers
  • Design/join groups and match
  • Picked tours
  • Build a team

For Admin

  • Admin Signup
  • Effect results and details
  • Payment Control
  • Fantasy points Command
  • Push Notification management
  • Effect leagues, player and player distribution
  • Observe and maintain lists of users, amount, History

 Sports Fantasy Game App Development Services:

  • Android Sports Fantasy cricket app Development
  • Fantasy Football-Soccer app Development
  • Fantasy Basketball mobile app Development
  • Fantasy Hockey mobile app development
  • Fantasy Kabaddi mobile app development
  • Fantasy Rugby mobile app Development


How BrillMindz Develop Sports Fantasy App like Drem 11?

  • Our gaming platform comes with huge scalability; it can support millions of users. We have been operating in this industry for 8 years, and we know all regions ‘ laws and regulations.
  • We build Secure and reliable are our sports App channels.
  • We have produced various types of sports fantasy apps with all imaginable gameplay combinations as a team of domain experts.
  • We offer free deployment and approval supported fantasy app development.
  • The cost of developing fantasy apps is affordable fantasy app development.

About BrillMindz

BrillMindz is the leading mobile app development company in Bangalore and Dubai. We’ve been developing mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms for more than 8 years.

We have developers, designers, QA, project managers, and business analysts committed to creating high-performance sports fantasy apps with creative designs and producing high-quality, timely applications.

We’re here to help you if you’re going to develop a fantasy Sport app. We’ve created a development platform for Sports Fantasy games.

Our Fantasy Sports Mobile App development cost like Dream 11 is somewhere around $2500-$15000.

Would you like to learn more about our Fantasy Sports app??

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