How Much Does it Cost of Develop a Real Estate App like Zillow or Trulia?

Cost of Real Estate App Development

What is the Cost of Real Estate App Development Like Zillow or Trulia?

For many years, people who were interested to sell or buy any property had to depend upon the real estate agents. This was related to viewing, deals (lease or acquire), or any document related activities. But as the invention of mobile apps has been influencing all types of industries, real estate is no different. Mobile apps have eased the complete real estate process and the dependence on real estate agents for your activities. A couple of the popular real-estate mobile apps Zillow and Trulia have been earning significant revenue with user-friendly features. Such apps let the users search and locate any type of property from their desired location. With such high benefits, you would be having a question, “How to make an app like Zillow or Trulia?”

What are Zillow and Trulia?

About Zillow:

Zillow was founded in 2006 by Rich Barton and Lloyd Frink former of Microsoft executives and founders of Microsoft spin-off Expedia, and Spencer Rascoff, a co-founder of It started as an advertisement company and later moved on to be a real estate search engine. The mobile app aids people in the USA to calculate the home value for a specific area. It will also get the data from public records to offer all the details on any given property like no rooms, square footage etc.


Trulia was founded in 2005, at San Francisco to help the property vendors and buyers to get the exact value for their requirements. This is achieved via references, local area perceptions, and maps that provide information on local businesses, school timings, regional events, and other activities.

Trulia was acquired by Zillow and together they have gone to become the largest unit in the online real estate industry.

How to make a real estate app:

The development and success of the real estate app largely depend on the features involved and their implementation techniques.


A major thing that is associated with the success and longevity of the app is reliant on the integration of the app from the DB. They have to store all the crucial points like property details, their features, facilities, location, routes, maps, nearby amenities, schools, businesses, etc.

Search and Filter:

Search and filter options are the most valuable feature that should ben included in real estate app design such as Zillow or Trulia. Your comprehensive user experience is dependent on the app user experience with well-organized data. Keep the property listings well structured so that the information is presented properly for both vendors and buyers. All the details such as property types, location, prices, square footages, parking facility, year of construction, number of rooms, designs, etc could be listed separately according to the requirements.


The integration of maps is one of the critical elements for any real estate mobile application. It is the best option to ensure GPS is incorporated into your app so that the property buyers and sellers reach the location at the scheduled time. It also provides a complete view of the surrounding areas of the property.


It is needed to follow a proper schedule, especially for any real estate agent. They could have the meetings fixed and also track the open listings with interested buyers or sellers.

Virtual Tours:

They are also termed as 3D tours that allow buyers to digitally view a listed property. There are many controls available in this feature that offer an opportunity for users to view the property according to the desired angle that is similar to Google map street view. If a buyer does not like the property style, then they can save their and vendors’ time.

Signup and Login:

The signup and login process must be user friendly with provision to identify themselves with Gmail address, social media credentials, and contact number.

Profile Authentication:

The contact numbers of buyers and sellers must be authenticated with OTP or security code. It is crucial to ensure the identification of various personnel.

Property Profiles:

They must have complete information about the type of property, their details, videos, images, price information, value schemes, surrounding data, details of the owner, etc. This will ensure the authenticity of the property and provide belief to the buyer.


This is necessary for both buyers and sellers to discuss the details about the property and negotiate the deal. Many apps provide Chatbot features to solve any other general queries for the user.


The purchase of subscriptions is a critical feature in the real estate app so that you can provide listings of properties accordingly. They can provide different types of subscriptions depending on the time and requirements of the users.

Push Notifications:

Push notifications are needed to give important information to the user. It may be used for marketing purposes to provide any offers or also used for giving any information regarding the specific property listing.

Cost Calculators:

It can be useful for the vendors and buyers to calculate the property value depending on the area costs per square footage.

How to make a profit from real estate apps like Zillow or Trulia?

Real estate apps mainly depend on advertisement structures for generating profits in different ways.

  • Promotional ads for real estate agencies and companies.
  • Additional charges for scheduled periods to provide premium services.
  • Promotional ads for any interested parties such as mortgage lenders or other businesses.

What is the Cost of Real Estate App Development Like Zillow or Trulia?

Real estate mobile app development cost is dependent mainly on the type of features to be included in the app. It is also reliant on the app platform (Android, iOS, etc) and development cost specific to the region. A reliable mobile app development company will guide you properly in selecting ideal features to be included in the app.

Bottom line:

If you are looking to build a real estate app development like Zillow or Trulia the associate with a trusted real estate mobile app development company like Brillmindz.

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