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Best Classified Mobile App Development Company

Classified Mobile App Development Company|A classified website or mobile app is an application that allows you to buy, sell or rent property, pets, furniture, books, computers, healthcare, etc. While a shopping online site is mainly a B2C platform where industries sold to consumers, a classified app from B2C, B2B or C2C can be anything. On these websites, anyone can sell or buy. Take OLX’s example. It’s one of the most commonly used classified apps. Why don’t you have an app like your own?

Top Classified Mobile App Development Company

At BrillMindz, we will support you build custom and perfect classified apps. We can generate a custom app for just that, whether you want to sell / rent rooms, old things, or anything else. SAG IPL is a leading Indian-based classified app development company providing services to customers worldwide. Hundreds of apps have been developed, including some common classified website apps for leading internet brands. We will be more than pleased to build this unique app for you to reach us with your project idea.

BrillMindz gives you the search-oriented classified app development business with its technological advancement and experience in app development techniques. Our team of classified app developers creates immersive and feature-rich classified apps and websites that are cooperative with different devices. We develop custom classified apps that use excellent searches, custom locations, infinite categories, and results that are listed.


Why Brillmindz Is Top Classified Ads App Development Company?

Classified ads have found a way into the net world to meet online users with the rise of the internet and mobile apps. Classified advertisements help you effortlessly target your consumers in the most economical and real-time way. Custom classified ads enhance your sales and help reach potential clients. Classified ads application is a great platform to take companies to the next stage with a guaranteed high conversion ratio.

With 8+ years of expertise and deep technical know-how, BrillMindz has developed custom app development services that are the culmination of validated methodologies. App development skills, dedication to deadlines and a quality-driven strategy allow us ahead of the competition. Our classified ad app development services enable you to grow your company by providing customers with value.

Our practical experience and professional approach ensure in-time and results-oriented production of classified mobile applications.

Our Classified App Development Services

  • Custom Classified Ads App Development
  • Classified Ads Website Development
  • Customized Classified Development Services
  • Responsive Classified App Development Solutions
  • Auto Classified Ads Mobile App Development
  • Olx – Clone Classified Ad Mobile App Solutions
  • Craigslist Mobile App Development
  • Responsive Classified Ad App Development
  • Complex Classified Ads Application Development


How much does it cost to develop an app like Justdial / Sulekha?

Everyone is looking for simple ways to find a solution as the planet progresses. One opts for local search engines in the process to get the solution within a minimum of time in their locality. Local search engines play a crucial role in providing consumers with accurate results based on their needs.

We currently have a large number of local search engines in the Indian market. Only Click, Sulekha, and 99nearme are at the top of the ladder among all local search engine users.

Classified Mobile App Development Company

About JustDial

JustDial is the one-stop-shop that will support you with day-to-day tasks. It is the best local search engine in India that operates over 250 + cities across the pan India.

Users can get the results of the local search, which may be linked to service or product. By using different platforms such as desktop, phones (Android, iOS, Windows, BlackBerry), mobile website, over the telephone (through voice, text), Just Dial will provide results relevant to local search services.

Just Dial began its services in 1996. In the year 2007 established website ( started on different platforms. The local search engine Just Dial is holding 25.7 Million listings as of March 31, 2019.

The local search engine minimizes the user-business gap. It helps users get the right product or service providers in no time. To get the customers, they list them in the databases for the business providers.

BrillMindz Technologies holds 8 years of experience in building mobile apps for various industries and BrillMindz is a global technology services company, concentrated in mobile app development. Our capabilities encourage somebody and companies to advance Just Dial like app with excellent and creative features at a reasonable cost.

Key features:

Admin panel: You will get the admin panel after opening the app, where you will have all the application information.

Easy signup & login: With the help of OTP, you can only sign up by entering your name and mobile number.

Location: Manually pick your location or use an automated location tracker.

Creation of profiles: complete your profile first before moving on. The design of the profile includes personal, family, card details and so on.

Listing: Sellers can select a free listing or pay to list. The reason is to choose paid when compared to free listing vendors, they will get more customers.

Promoting a business:It’s not enough to get leads just to list in the app, you need to advertise your business. Just Dial offers you different plans to advertise your company from which you can pick.

Home page: home page with all the verticals on the web. It also includes popular services, location-based trending events.

User Search: Users can search from the list of 23 verticals including Jd Social, Air Tickets, House Loans, and more based on their preference which service they want to opt for.

Alerts & notifications: Business providers ‘ real-time alerts and notifications to users in your locality.

JD Pay: JD pay is a unique feature that allows consumers and vendors to make faster digital payments.

Rate & Review: Users can rate and review the business provider’s goods or services they used.

How much does it cost to develop an app like Justdial / Sulekha?

Real Cost of Just Dial like App Development: Development Cost of JustDial and Sulekha varies on many factors that rely on functionality and technology for a mobile app like JustDial / Sulekha. The cost of using various technologies will be higher for an app like JustDial / Sulekha. The price for basic features apps (Directory, SMS integration, Mail Integration) is around $10,000 to $40,000, if you want more updated version, the cost will vary again.

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