Android 11 release date: Top 10 new features you can experience.

Android 11 release date: Top 10 new features

Android 11 release date: Top 10 new features you can experience.

Android is the widely used platform across the globe with its user-friendly features and adaptability. Google has been releasing timely updates along with the release of new versions. Android 11 is the imminent major release and the 18th version of the Android operating system. Android 11 beta launch was earlier planned for 3 June 11 am has been postponed. The release date is still not announced but it is presumed that it will happen soon. To begin with, the updates will be available only for Google Pixel phones and subsequently, it would be received by others.

Top 10 new features you can experience with Android 11.

There are many new features and improvements to the existing ones in the Android 11 release. Top 10 among them are listed below:

Message bubbles:

There are messages or chat bubbles in Facebook messenger. This feature would be given to all other third-party apps. A floating bubble would be present on the screen as a notification. Users could long-press the message notification and choose ‘show bubble’ option, to see the feature. After doing this setting, until you eliminate the bubble from their screens, all new messages will appear as a pop-up from this bubble. But it will require necessary modifications for allowing the feature on other apps that support messaging features.

Adjustable Picture-in-picture window:

Imagine if a user is watching any video apps like Netflix or YouTube in Android and comes out suddenly. Android will show that video in a tiny floating window on top of any other app/home screen. In the latest Android 11 release, there will be an option to change the size of that picture-in-picture window.

Screen recording:

For capturing screen recordings on Android, there is a necessity for third-party apps. With the latest Android 11 release, such apps would not be required. Some phones had given this feature with built-in features. This screen recording feature was available in the Android 10 release but disappeared quickly. Google is providing this feature in the latest release with improvements. Once the user chooses the screen recording option, a pop-up will ask you about the confirmation for starting screen recording. As it is confirmed, it will record all activities done over the screen until you stop the feature. Users can easily capture the screen and share it with others.

Redesigned notifications:

Android 11 version will bifurcate and sort the notifications into appropriate sections. Hence it would be easier to respond to any messages if they are kept in easy to read sections and continue other operations. It will ensure that you are only shown the stuff that you think is much important to be seen or responded to. Whenever you receive a message you will see the latest ones in your notification section under the new conversations tab. This will enable you to respond to the key messages immediately and also reply to the messages more flexibly (adding attachments, pictures, etc) directly from the notification. Along with this change in the functional part, even the visual part of the notifications has been changed and built in the latest Android 11 release. There will be more transparency and enhancements to make it richer.

Updated recent apps screen:

There will be a significant change in the recent apps screen in the Android 11 release. It will eliminate the quick app recommendations and replace it with a screenshot/share feature. There is an increase in the size of cards displaying the thumbnails of recent apps.

When the users swipe a card away to eliminate them from the memory, there will be an undo option. It will allow the user to get them back if the operation happened by chance.

Back gesture sensitivity:

When you use the Android gesture navigation feature it will replace the back-button if they swipe it from the edge. In the latest Android 11 release, the user would be able to control the sensitivity of this gesture. There will also be provisions to specifically control the setting on both sides of the screen for all other apps.

Updated screenshot visuals:

Many phone manufacturers have already included this option on their devices. It is a feature where the user takes a screenshot, there will be a tiny thumbnail of that screenshot appears at the bottom of the screen. There are options to close the thumbnail and also ‘share’ and ‘edit’ options. Hence with this feature, all android users will not have a full notification at the top of the display.

Setting up dark mode: 

Dark Mode feature was introduced as a setting on the Android 10 release. With the release of Android 11, the user could set up and automate the feature. There will be provisions to set the time to turn on and turn off the feature in the settings. Many phones and third-party apps had already introduced this feature which would be available as a whole for all Android users.

Auto revokes app permissions:

Android 11 will provide a new setting to automatically withdraw permissions for locations, cameras, or any other feature that has not been used for a longer time. Users can turn on this feature if they are sure about not using it for longer periods.

Motion Sense gesture:

This feature will let the user play or pause a particular activity like music with a motion sense gesture. If you are listening to music, you could just gesture with the device to play or pause the current music. This will be useful if you need frequent pause/play operations if you are speaking to someone.

Bottom line:

Android 11 is adding many rich features to the platform which will be useful for its users. If you are planning to develop an Android app or enhance the existing app associate with the best Mobile app development company in IndiaBrill Mindz. They have a talented pool of android experts who will design the app according to your requirements and guarantee effective brand expansion.

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