A Comprehensive Guide on Appointment Booking App Development

Guide on Appointment Booking App Development

A Comprehensive Guide on Appointment Booking App Development

Looking to book your medicine? Speak to a doctor? Airline ticket? Restaurant table? Hotel room? And whatnot: a mobile appointment booking app can give you anything within no time. With the advancements in smartphone technology, people are getting convenient features that were thought impossible a few years ago. On-demand booking apps offer invaluable benefits for both customers and business owners. With such profit-yielding capabilities, how do you develop on-demand booking apps? Keep reading below for details on Appointment Booking App Development.

Popular on-demand booking apps and their working:

Online food delivery app:

This type of app lets the users get food from their favorite restaurants in the locality. These apps have a business model where app owners can connect with nearby restaurants for starting to sell food through the app. Some part of the revenue comes from the commission, but a big margin comes from the delivery service.

Doctor appointment app:

This app aids the users to connect anytime with the appropriate medical expert for important advice. There will be provision for online consultations as well as booking of physical appointments as per the availability of respective doctors. The working is simple where the user chooses the date and time leading to the registration of the booking. Doctor appointment apps proved to be crucial during the outbreak of coronavirus where people were restricted from going out. Many countries administered the Covid vaccines via such apps.

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Home services app:

Looking for electricians, plumbers, painters, cleaners, etc? No more hassles with home services on-demand booking apps. Such diverse kinds of professionals can be easily booked through these apps with only a few steps. The process is simple where the user has to enter his address or choose the location where he needs the service. The next step is to choose the approximate time for tasks followed by adding any other key details about the task.

Travel app:

The popularity of this app surges so much that the majority of smartphone users look for these apps to plan their travel. These apps offer different types of actions like searching destinations, booking flight/bus/cruise tickets, booking hotels, rental cars, and many more. The process is very simple where the user has to enter the flight details with the destination and then get the flights booked from a list of huge travel options. When everything related to your travel is available at one place, users will surely want to use them for the benefit amidst the busy lifestyle.


This is an exclusive app that falls under the same wing as the travels app but includes only hotel booking services. Users can book the hotels of their travel related to family vacations or business trips. The process is similar to the travel app where a user enters time, date, city, number of individuals staying. You will get exciting offers and a list of rooms within no time. As you choose a room, you can easily book it with multiple payment options.

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Important features to be given in all types of on-demand apps:

Login/ Sign-up:

There should be an easy login process without tedious steps. As the user can sign up, then they can be asked to enter the details on the profile page. They must be given an option to register via social media or email with adequate checks. Once they can log in successfully, they should be given the information of nearby services depending on the location via GPS feature.

Detailed Dashboard for controlling the App:

This dashboard must contain all the information w.r.t app features, users, and operations. It should be available only to the app owners or relative professionals of the team who can manage the app reports, features, and functionalities.

Map API integration to Let the Users Travel with Ease:

Google Map Integration allows the app users to travel to their destination with convenience. They are a handy tool in delivery apps and prove beneficial in appointment apps requiring users to travel.

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Advanced booking system:

There should be an advanced booking system that should let the users book their choices without any hassles or tedious processes. The features and functionalities present in the app should be relevant to the requirements and user needs. The solutions must adhere to the problem points of the users while not deviating them to other areas. For instance, a taxi booking app must fetch the user’s location and destination while a doctor consultation app must provide recommendations depending on the issues of the respective patient. While medical apps should focus more on giving video consultation features, taxi booking apps must give real-time updating for offering timely service to customers.

Multiple payment gateways with optimal security:

There should be a suitable payment gateway of the app which must suit all important payment options like UPI, credit and debit cards, net banking, etc. There should be a smooth operation and users must not face any problem for making them stick to your mobile app for longer. The payment process must have end-to-end encryption to make the process highly safe.

Reviews and Rating:

A significant portion of online users will look at all the reviews and ratings before making their decision. Along with enhancing the sales, you will have a community of users who would love to interact with your business and themselves. All these factors will not only increase your sales but also make your app reach a wider audience.

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How much does it cost to develop on-demand booking apps?

Appointment booking app development cost depends on some key factors such as choice of platform (Native or cross), app design, app size, features (basic and advanced) included in the app. A reliable mobile app development partner can guide to success.

Final thoughts:

If you are looking to develop on-demand booking apps, then you have to partner with a trusted mobile app development company like Brillmindz. This team consists of experienced engineers who can transform your core idea into a profitable end product.