Telgani App

Value of the App – Telgani is car rental service that helps you search and pick the rental cars from your nearest available locations to drive to your preferable location. This rental service is equally good for self-driven or chauffeur driven. Telgani is developed for the Saudi Arabia clients.

Platform – The application is developed for iOS and Android OS.

Unique Features – Dedicated features for the users and the service providers.

Challenges – The main challenges that the team faced while develoiping the apps are firstly maintaining and integrating the complete database of the vehicles with manufacturing and car details. Fetching details and maintaining the details were a complex task.

Solution – The complete research and comparing various sites the details were obtained. The information was then integrated with the application.

Telgani App: It is good to have an app that makes our commuting possible whenever and wherever we want. Just one click and the cars are available on rental basis at your doorstep. The best aspect of this app is the level of research that the passionate development team of Brill Mind
Antigen App: “I am extremely happy dealing with the enthusiastic team of Brill Mindz Technologies. The team is passionate and extremely friendly. They are in fact approachable. I am impressed with their designs and process flow. I feel with Antigen they have brought lifesaving opt
TIGR App: “I never could have imagined that my business process would be so organized and could be so easily handled. But, most certainly Brill Mindz Technologies has made it possible. I will now be able to focus on the growth of my business and rests assure that my business proce
Mustafa, EHL App
EHL App: I realized how innovative the technical team was when I saw them giving shape to my ideas. They took exceptionally good care of my aspirations and developed an app that is so sorted and organized. The design is simple and easy to handle. Handling Logistics with EHL is hassl

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