Energy and Utilities

Specially Designed Energy and Utilities Mobile Apps from the Smart minds at Brill Mindz

Brill Mindz energy and utilities mobile apps development creates IT systems which are secure and completely energy efficient. We make specialized apps that use modern technologies like wireless, RF-IDs, cellular networks and microwave communications for reducing the operational costs of our client organizations. Brill Mindz has been leveraging industry knowledge, technology and expertise of our team members for delivering utilities solutions and applications which address unique requirements of our clients. For the energy firms and utilities companies, we offer the opportunity to connect with customers in a completely new way starting from multichannel marketing, field force management and more efficient contact through Brill Mindz energy and utilities mobile apps development Bangalore.

We work with the world’s leading energy and utilities provider for integrating mobile in their marketing, workforce management operations and customer services. Through Brill Mindz energy and utilities mobile apps development services, you shall be able to notify employees about their new field force management assignments and keep a track about their whereabouts. To help the companies in the power sector, Brill Mindz energy and utilities mobile apps offer–

  • Supervisory control and data acquisition mobile apps
  • Reporting
  • Analytical and visualization tools
  • Distributions management system apps for distributors
  • Wireless communication systems
  • Meter data management systems
  • Custom applications development and maintenance

Brill Mindz’ mobile developers are skilled in CRM applications, billing system apps, BI services, MS dynamic implementations within energy and utilities mobile apps, ERP services and enterprise asset management. For the advanced market forecasting and performance analysis, the team at Brill Mindz makes use of smart energy tech to offer flexible monitoring and reporting mobile applications. These apps are then used by energy and utilities suppliers to visualize data on enterprise processes, facilities and equipments that are used as performance indicators for making insightful reports on conscious decision making. You too can reap the benefits of streamlined business initiatives by attaining the mobility solutions offered by Brill Mindz.


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