Augmented Reality App Development Services

Augmented Reality App Development Services

Where the scope and the use of augmented reality technique is increasing day by day, the effect of the technique is widely felt in almost all the sectors in world. Augmented Reality has ability to transform the existing information by setting a layer of new information. Brill Mindz explores this technique by blending it with real time innovations. The experts at Brill Mindz Technologies develop AR application for iPhone, ipad, Android and Windows.

Our steps to AR world

Brill Mindz, as an Augmented Reality application development company in India is way ahead in relating the power of technology in form of augmented reality. We offer innovative, ingenious and effective augmented reality solutions though our cutting edge technology.

The AR applications developed by us are highly interactive, captivating and engaging at the same time. Through Augmented Reality app development services, the users are able to find the most digitally interactive surroundings which can be shadowed into the real world.

We with our AR application development services focuses on customer experiences and increase the interaction and engagement in a most effective ways. In the professional world, augmented reality offers tremendous visualizations and educational benefits, which Brill Mindz being a sensible Augmented Reality app Development Company exploits and makes it effective in best possible ways.

The Augmented Reality app developers in BMT promises developing of the application by maintaining the confidentiality starting from the initial conversation throughout the completion of all the augmented reality apps. We assure you that your information is safe with us.

Our technical backing on AR

BMT offers competitive advantages over other companies through responsive designs, UX prototyping, layout engineering and information architecture. Our developers are skilled in both marker and non-marker AR applications, HTML5, .NET, J2EE, PHP and MySQL. This makes us the best augmented reality apps development company in India. We offer the service at an affordable cost and without any compromise on the quality of the service provided to our clients.

Our services and features defines clarity

We are specialized in providing the following AR services;
• AR gaming modules.
• Video/Audio and motion graphics creation.
• 3D and 2D AR models.
• Augmented reality iPhone, Android and Windows development.
• AR-based animation.
• Customized AR effects.
• Geo location, E-commerce integration and content management.

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